A different take

Having argued with Lamoron quite a lot on our danish internet hangout, Battlegroup, I’ve decided that enough is enough.

A different take on a familiar oldie.

Lamoron is, as frequent readers are probably aware, quite analytical in his approach to the game. I, on the other hand, am not. I usually take whatever I feel will be fun for me in a given situation, and just roll with it. Having consistently played Searforge for so long, I have cultivated a very reactive playstyle, and I’ve often ended games with a “Watch this!” (the operative word here being “ended”, not “won”).

This, of course, means that philosophically, for lack of a less artsy-fartsy word, Lamoron and I often clash. He has a quite competitive and analytical approach, while I do not. The Overseer is, and will always be, Lamorons, but as an invited co-author, I feel it is time for The Overseer to see things from another angle!

I have started to play Legion, not because Lamoron did it, but because it was my first faction. I had lost my enjoyment of the game, and I wanted to find it again. What better place than to go back to the first well and see if there still is water? And since this is so far from Searforge as I could possibly get, and because it’s my foray into unlearning my Mk1 Legion expertise and learning it for Mk2, I want to share the journey.

The Journey Begins

I’ll write some travel journals describing my experiences and thoughts about trying to find the Fountain of Youthful Joy once again!

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  1. I’m curious…different angles are nothing to scoff at, so bring it on…

  2. Not much to comment on the article except HAIL ZILTOID!!!

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