Battle of the Heath (prep)

This weekend there’s a tournament going on in a city called Herning. It’s called the Battle of the Heath (translated of course) and it’s a bit of an oddity. It’s a huge Warhammer & Warhammer 40.000 tournament, with an itty bitty Warmachine tournament slapped on for good measure.

There’s no painting requirement, no preplanned scenarios, no reinforcements, and although that is a bit annoying it does allow me to bring Legion to the event. It’s all a bit amateurish to be honest, but that just means I get to have fun and dick around. I’m not sure I can scrounge up the models I need for my pVayl Lesser Warbeast list, but if I can I’m definitely bringing it (the LGS has a Stinger blister listed online, but who knows if it’s actually there… nerds and organisation you know).

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
– Naga Nightlurker
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Stinger
– Stinger
– Stinger
– Ravagore
– Scythean
– Seraph
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Spawning Vessel (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
The Forsaken
The Forsaken
Totem Hunter

You never know, it might even work but I doubt it. The mighty plan is to light things on fire, jam up everything with little reach monsters, annoy the flanks/rear with the Totem Hunter, and muscle through the middle while hopefully not messing up to badly.

Based on what I’ve heard this event will be something fairly unique for the danish meta, as most of the registered players seem to be bringing Hordes armies. I know of ten players with some certainty, and eight of them are bringing Hordes armies (mainly Circle & Legion). If nothing else I hope this weekend will teach me the joys of Rampager.

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  1. Well, both are pretty much “fun” lists… I mean if you want to spam lesser beasts eThag is the man to go for.

    So I’m not going to nitpick on bringing 3 stingers with pVayl…

    …but what I wouldn’t bring are the grinders…you have all the beasts you want right away…keeping the vessel is something else, because you can still use it as a arc node and create new lessers from tokens gained the “usual” way.

    So I would swap the grinders for 1-2 martyrs..esp. if the tournament is filled with hordes players, being able to increase your rampager-thread range is hilarious.

    • I was going for four Stingers with the one from the pot… I could go for five of them and a Spell Martyr instead of the Totem Hunter, but the poor guy always gets left out of the serious lists :D


    Assembled for battle! Waiting behind them are another three Stingers, two Shredders, and a Harrier. I did their arcs last night, and now I just need to mark them so I can tell them apart during the game.

    The goal for this weekends tournament is to finish in the top 10, which sounds more ambitious than it is since there’s supposed to be just 16 players.

    The secondary objective, and If I manage this I will have won the tournament despite actual standings and performance, is to have all six Stingers active on the table at once!

    I’m still considering the Totem Hunter though. One Spell Martyr would really allow me some Rampager shenanigans, but the Totem Hunter is so lonely and unappreciated (if only he could be affected by Cat & Mouse).

    A Succubus and a Spell Martyr would do wonders… damnit…

  3. Looking forward to an ocean of Battle Reps :P

  4. Don’t forget to update copiously on twitter ;)

  5. First day is over. I won against Ravyn, lost against eVayl by timing out (I think I would have had him otherwise), lost to pHaley by failing an assassination and being pushed out of the zones, and won against Kromac by hitting him in the face with a Ravagore.

    2-2 is fine, but both my hard earned wins have been against players and lists I would consider automatic victories with Cryx, so there’s still a long way to go with pVayl (that and the fact that yelling STINGER ASSAULT really loud doesn’t seem to increase accuracy as expected).

    Stinger of the day award goes to Cornelius, as his Stinger pulled a thirteen damage free strike on a scythean.

  6. Due to a freak series of losses (and a player dropout) no players had a 4-1 score. Paul (Legion) won with a 5-0 score but the following places were decided by control points between the 3-2 players.

    In second place it was Jan (Trollbloods) with 8 control points, and in third I managed to nudge Husum (Cygnar) down to fourth with four or five kill/army points, making me a very surprised owner of a really ugly trophy.

    I’ll get the reports up sometime during the week, but for now… zZzZzZz

  7. Now that I’ve gotten the Stingers out of my system, it’s time to get with the serious business… a bit more serious anyway. Several times during the weekend I found myself thinking “I wish I had some infantry“.

    I know Legion has some brilliant beasts, but infantry has something most beasts don’t, which is the ability to be in ten places at once. I know pVayl can run a lot of beasts, but I’m going to mess around with a more infantry oriented list for a bit (and no, not a pVayl tier list just yet)

    I also found myself missing a bit of staying power late game, and since I’ve yet to field Legions most iconic beast I’ll give him a shot as well. Finally I’m going to proxy a Protector for a game or two to see if my theory holds.

    At one point in the weekend I ran out of Fury tokens, since I had 39 Fury on the table, and only two of them were on pVayl. That almost cost me the game because two Fury isn’t enough for her, but I was lured down there by the need to clean up my beasts the following round.

    I figure I can run her on 1-2 Fury with the Protector nearby, as long as I don’t get myself in melee, but that hasn’t been a problem so far. That means I can cast some spells, especially when including the Succubus which will now be trailing the Carnivean.

    – Carnivean
    – Scythean
    – Protector
    Blackfrost Shard
    Hex Hunters + UA
    Spawning Vessel (Full)
    Spell Martyr
    Strider Deathstalker
    Strider Deathstalker
    Totem Hunter

    I’ve got a good feeling about this one, except for the missing Naga. I’ve now had eight games with it, and not once have I needed it. The worst thing that can happen is that I put it back in :)

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