Vayl, Disciple of Everblight: 1

I currently own more than two hundred points worth of Circle, and adding another two hundred points of Legion on top of that, would take my stash of models I don’t like playing into the realms of ridiculous.

Because of that it was with some anxiety that I lined up for my first game with Legion, because while I don’t for a second doubt that Legion is top of the line, enjoying the ‘style’ is something else entirely.

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
– Naga Nightlurker
– Nephilim Soldier
– Angelius
– Angelius
– Scythean
Blackfrost Shard
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Spawning Vessel (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
The Forsaken
The Forsaken

This was the list I brought and my opponent immediately commented on the low number of attacks, and my missing ability to clear rabble out of the way. This was something I’d been thinking a bit about myself, but I wasn’t sure how big an issue it would be. As it turns out it was a huge issue that will have to be rectified. My opponent brought a Durgen Madhammer list.

Durgen Madhammer
– Ghordson Driller
– Wroughthammer Rockram
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
Herne & Jonne
Kayazy Eliminators (Leader and Grunt)
Kayazy Eliminators (Leader and Grunt)
Press Gangers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Kell Bailoch
Dougal MacNaile
Rhupert Carvolo
Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Thor Steinhammer
– Ghordson Basher

It’s an interesting list for sure, and it adds up to 60/54 points, so I must be missing something, or my opponent made a boo boo adding it up. I lost the roll and got to go second, which was what I wanted anyway but only because I didn’t really understand how his list worked. If I had I would have cried at losing that roll, but we got down to it.

To no ones surprise the Nyss Hunters deployed by the woods. Personally I felt like that was a bit of a mistake since my list mostly ignores it anyway, and he would have to cross the table to shoot at what I had in my woods, which he would ignore as well.

Knowing he would probably rush me, as that was what I would do against my list, I deployed the Naga by my woods, and an Angelius out on the left flank to play for scenario. I put the other Angelius on the right flank, but in retrospect I should have played them both more centrally since it would have made reacting to the scenario easier.

The Scythean would go up the middle after munching the Bone Grinders, and the pot would make a Shredder. At this point I realized that not having a Shredder in the list from the beginning was extremely tactically limiting, and being able to spawn a Stinger here would have made a huge difference.

Round 1

Mercenaries, Turn 1: GET ‘EM LADS!

Everything he had ran up aggressively. This was what I would have done as well and as he said “you’re welcome to hit and run, since there’s no way you can avoid losing on scenario if you do“. The Press Gangers were primed, which immediately sent me into fits of panic since I had almost nothing I could clear them with.

Legion, Turn 1: Sir! We can’t advance and we can’t stay here!

I had a good look at the table and having no instinctive feel for my army I became cautious and that’s never a good idea. It’s a rookie mistake and I see people doing it all the time, but not knowing the limits of a list usually makes players hand over the initiative, and so I did.

I put Leash on the Scythean, Tenacity on most of my central models, the Scythean killed the Bone Grinder grunts and the Leader didn’t flee. The Swamp Gobbers placed a cloud and the Scythean and Soldier got in, in order to raise their defense high enough to be problematic.

The Naga couldn’t hit a DEF 13 Press Ganger with a boosted shot, the left Angelius missed Kell but that was to be expected behind cover, and the right flank Angelius missed the Eliminator as well. not a great round for me there. I moved everything up slowly and because I was playing so cautiously I bunched up and forgot I was playing Durgen ‘what’s that whistling sound’ Madhammer.

Round 1, Mistakes: It was silly bunching up against Durgen, and I realized it just as I moved my last models. I got caught up in crazy defenses with Tenacity, Clouds, Prowl, cover and all the other shenanigans, but he hits what he shoots on his feat, and he doesn’t really care about stealth or a bit of additional armor either.

  • I should have pushed forward.
  • I should have spread out more.
  • I should have done more about the Press Gangers.

Things were looking bleak. He had me completely pushed back and I had done nothing to blunt his rush except staying out of the way. He now had the option of blasting me to smithereens and running in the primed Press Gangers to make sure I didn’t go anywhere afterwards.

Round 2

Mercenaries, Turn 2: There’s no such thing as overkill!

Here’s a little video detailing the general feeling of this round: INCOMING!!!

The casualty list was: Blackfrost Shard, 2 Shepherds, Bone Grinder Shaman, Succubus, ½ the boxes on the Soldier, two thirds of the boxes on the Naga due to transfers, half the grunts from the Spawning Vessel, and the Swamp Gobbers. The good news was that I had a full pot again :/

He more or less wiped out my support system, and then he ran in the Press Gangers. Now I had no way of healing enough on the Naga and soldier to take the hits from exploding Press Gangers, and because of all the stress I forgot to activate Dark Sentinel which could have moved the soldier into range of Durgen.

The Eliminators ran down to engage my Angelius on the right but Abomination took care of that threat (I love those guys). Finally Eiryss shot Tenacity & Leash of the Scythean because she had Extra Powder rations and nothing better to do.

Legion, Turn 2: Hail Mary, full of grace, please deliver this soldier to his face!

Even though I forgot to move my Soldier with Dark Sentinel I thought I might have the range to get the Soldier on Durgen. In order to get there I had to take out the Press Gangers somehow, without having them blow up and kill my Soldier. I thought I had it when I remembered that Shredders have snacking, but it turns out they blow up on disabled so that wouldn’t work. Then I noticed that my opponent had forgotten to make them Fearless, and both Forsaken moved in… they failed the second check!

Turns out I was 0.5″ out of Incite range, but with Massacre and Chiller it would be four attacks with 6+ to hit and dice -3 for damage, if I got the soldier on him. I leashed him, moved up, pulled him with me, popped Incite and Massacre on him, and tried to charge Durgen (I also popped my feat). I was 0.5″ out of Reach since I had to place him next to the Driller… BUGGER!

I killed a couple of the Press Gangers with the Acolytes from the pot, and the Forsaken had blown up a few that all made their tough checks, but it opened the way for the Scythean who ate some Nyss Hunters. The Spawned Stinger fried a Nyss Hunter and almost hit the second one, but without Incite it was to much to ask (would have hit with Incite). The Angelius ate a few Nyss Hunters, but having to boost the hit meant very few kills, so he mostly just moved out of the way.

The left Angelius killed the other Eliminators and moved in to engage Kell while hoping I could place him where the Basher couldn’t get him. The Naga moved up and it was feat time. With so much in the feat area I could move my entire army around, so I moved the Naga up to contest the central objective, the left Angelius to contest the left objective, and the right Angelius in to lock down the pile of Nyss Hunters.

The Stinger made a Gobber maneuver and moved in to block his heavies from to much movement and the Soldier moved around the back to threaten Durgen. The Scythean came over as well, hoping to overload his ability to handle the heavies simply because of a lack of Focus. The right Forsaken moved up to force an Abomination check on the Nyss but they made it, and Vayl tried her best not to be anywhere really dangerous which was impossible. I thought he had me there.

Round 2, Mistakes: I think I did alright here in general, but forgetting that Dark Sentinel move cost me an assassination attempt, and then I messed up the option I had to rectify that mistake.

  • Now what I should have done was charge Jonne and kill him, then use Massacre to move up to Durgen and try my hand at rolling 6+ four times in a row.

I thought I was toast here, because the basher would come get me, but I had somehow gotten it up to 15″ slam threat when it’s only 13.5″ so she was safe… I thought. Turns out if he could rally the Press Gangers he could simply move one in front of her, within range, and play bowling with it and Vayl. I probably could have stopped that with Dark Sentinel but I’m not sure, and the Press Gangers themselves were also pretty darn dangerous if he could shoot my two transfers away first.

Round 3

Mercenaries, Turn 3: Can’t begin doing things because they ‘make sense’.

Woo blurry! Well the Basher got pronto and came over the fence, but luckily it was just 2.8″ away and couldn’t get a slam going on the Angelius. The Nyss Hunters whiffed some serious dice when they should have rolled some very hot ones to take down a mint condition Angelius on the right flank. Rhupert was 0.5″ out of range so he couldn’t auto-rally the Press Gangers, and of course they rolled boxcars on their own rally check.

The Driller whiffed the dice against the Soldier because my opponent blanked out for a second and did what he always does, which is tune damage rolls with Thor. He should have tuned attack rolls, and it would have taken a lot less effort to kill the Soldier. He knew that, but even the best laid plans go out the window when the stress is on, and suddenly you discover that you didn’t do what you planned but what you normally do.

Herne & Jonne managed to take down the Soldier and the Rockram began punching the Scythean. To be fair, if I had remembered to put Tenacity on the Scythean it would have been almost completely unharmed, but I didn’t so it required another round of whiffing to ensure it’s survival. Then Durgen himself came to beat the last eight boxes of it but failed and left it on five.

Then Sylys charged and did nothing, and it was good game right there. Finally Eiryss ran into Vayl in a last ditch attempt at locking her down, and THIS time I remember Dark Sentinel so the Naga ate her. Now Durgen was on 0 Focus and standing next to a Scythean.

Legion, Turn 3: It’s called Bloodbath for a reason!

Not much to say here except that MAT 10 & PS 19 beats DEF 14 and ARM 17. Just to spite him I would have tried killing him with the Stinger, but it frenzied and poked the Rockram instead (dealing 5 damage to the Rockram and 4 to itself). The Scythean was healed, Chilled, and Durgen was within Incite range this time…


It might not have tentacles but the result was more or less the same. I did not see that coming the first two turns, and my list obviously has some issues I need to take care of, but this is what I’ve learned so far.

  • Stingers are hilarious!
  • Spawning Vessel is epic fun.
  • Scytheans really hurt things.
  • Angels have very few initial attacks… bigger problem than expected.
  • I need some ranged attacks.
  • The Soldier is probably not needed if I bring some ranged attacks.
  • The Succubus is probably not needed if I don’t need Massacre.
  • I need a Shredder in the list so I can spawn a Stinger on the first turn.

And of course I would really like 10.000 other things and some upkeep removal, but it’s hard fitting in everything. The very early modified version of the list looks like this, but I’m thinking it still lacks some hitting power so I’m not to sure about it.

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
– Naga Nightlurker
– Shredder
– Angelius
– Scythean
– Seraph
Blackfrost Shard
Blighted Nyss Striders (Leader and 5 Grunts)
– Blighted Nyss Striders Officer & Musician
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Spawning Vessel (Leader and 5 Grunts)
The Forsaken
The Forsaken

A LOT more shooting at the cost of some support and melee capability. I didn’t find myself needing all the melee anyway, and a lot of shooting would have cleared away some major problems that would actually have allowed me to hit & run a bit.

Finally there’s the most important thing: it was FUN! There was none of the awkward silly Circle feeling over it, and I made several mistakes without losing. I most certainly wouldn’t have won in turn three if he had rolled better, but I’m almost certain I would have won it anyway. The new list should cover most of the problem with this one, and I’m very much looking forward to playing it.

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  1. Why did I expect that you did drop the Soldier after game one…^^

    Strider do well with pVayl. She doesn’t do much for them, but they are a very self-reliant unit and it’s not a bad idea putting chiller on them, allowing you that sweet -2def debuff over large area.

    I like the succubus with pVayl, but I run a lot more animi that are not range Self… in your case dropping her for a shredder isn’t a bad decision.

    I’m curious if the BFS will stay in the long run, but it is nice to see that you had fun all the time… which is the most important aspect of the game anyway.

    • Soldiers for life! or not as it turns out :D

      The Succubus Vs. Shredder issue comes down to this. Succubus is fragile, cannot fight, and needs ‘taking care of’. She also flees from Forsaken and needs to stay close to a Shredder anyway.

      On the other hands she gives me room in activation sequences, saves more Fury and doesn’t go crazy on turns I can’t find the room to leech. I think this will be a point of debate for me for a long time, unless I give up on the BFS in which case they will certainly turn into a Succubus.

      I had a blast, I didn’t feel gimped in every aspect of my list, I felt like I had plenty of silly entertainment every round, and I felt like I had some models that could ‘carry’ a few mistakes.

      It’s very liberating… :D

  2. Also, my opponent did make a boo boo and had 60/54 points on the table, which only makes the victory so much sweeter!

  3. 60/56points.. though it dosent make it any less embarresing :(

    Alten and Kell was from a previous build, but i forgot. Lesson learned: always double check your armylist.

  4. I really think you should consider the pVayl theme force. As far as theme forces go, it’s pretty solid. The limitations are really not all that bad and the benefits allow you some free points as well as the ability to force your way upfield without much concern for your opponent (reduced enemy LOS and higher SPD on warbeasts). Plus, Hex Hunters are awesome for clearing out infantry with their relatively high accuracy with MAT 7, MA 7, Battle Mage, and work great with Chiller on them.

    Just food for thought.

    • I have thought about including Hex Hunters, to the point where I’ve ordered them and Bayal. As a unit they’re just incredible, so I’ll certainly be using them at some point.

      The Tier list seems interesting enough, and if you have the first turn it can apply some stupid pressure, but it seems a bit limited by Vayl being so slow herself. I did consider some Lurker Shenanigans with her tier list, so maybe sometime in the future.

  5. Nice battle report Lamoron! Been looking forward to your Legion excursion.

    It seems like the European meta really likes double Angelius. I have found doubling the Scythean has been much more beneficial. pVayl just puts that model over the top between Incite and Chiller; you most likely won’t need to boost to hit, you almost then guaranteed get the Bloodbath proc, and at p+s 19 (21 if you can get BFS in on it first), not much is standing when the blood cloud clears.

    I also think making room for a Typhon body guard is so great with her. With the boosted attack roll from Dark Sentinel, models get the Crit Pitched often enough.

    Your revised list dropped the Shepherds which I think is a good move as it was too much fury management before.

    All my opinions though I am sure you are aware of and it’s not your style to go with what knowingly works always. You kinda make your own path which is one of the main reasons I like to read your stuff.

    I am excited for you to play another Hordes army with her and pull off some Rampager shennanigans!

    Keep up the good work! :D

    • I’m not sure about the viability of double Angelius either, but I loved the models and I got them at a discount :)

      The second angel was one of the first things to go in the new version as well, and I agree completely on the Scythean: What a complete monster with pVayl!

      The only reason I didn’t bring a body guard for Vayl, and I was considering both Typhon and Mr. Spaghetti face, is because I think it might make me a bit sloppy in the beginning.

      I was very torn between adding Striders and adding Typhon as a ranged element, and depending on how the Striders work out I might reverse that decision.

      And finally… Rampager Shenanigans… *drool*

  6. Reinforcements! I’ve been uncertain about Reinforcements, but I think I’ve found the first setup I want to try.

    It’s most certainly NOT a powerful setup, but much like using Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders with Cryx, I’m aiming to cause confusion and attempting to dictate enemy movement.

    – Raek (4)
    – Totem Hunter (3)
    – Spell Martyr (2)
    – Shepherd (1)

    This setup allows the Raek an impressive threat upon arrival. 3″ Reinforcements zone, 1.5″ base, 3″ Leash, 7″ Advance, 5″ Leap, and 2″ Reach adds up to 21.5″ threat.

    It’s non-linear, circumvents models with Leap, and it’s possible to extend that threat with the Seraph on flank duty. That’s a huge part of the table that becomes very dangerous to an enemy Warcaster.

    Now most Warlocks are not going to die to this, but he cannot rely on holding the zone with a Warbeast because of Rampage, and infantry will be hard pressed against a Raek and Totem Hunter team.

    I probably should just use an Angelius + Shepherd setup, but this looks like more fun!

  7. Tomorrow I’m going up against Peter, the luckiest player in Denmark. We all know that luck usually won’t beat skill in this game, but sadly Peter is also a damn solid player.

    The good thing is that he’s rusty as hell, and that he also recently began a Legion project. I’m guessing it will be pThagrosh, and I should be able to stand my ground against him there.

    • pThag brick soaks up a lot. you won’t have problems hitting him, but if he runs the typical list he will have more heavy hitter than you.

      Guess your best tactic will be trying to pull one of his heavies (pref. the carnivean) out of pThag -2Str CMD aura … and you want to pop the syctheans animus for his last hits, because if your RFP the carnivean he can’t bring him back. Denying him the chance to hand out Spiny Growth through the whole game will be key to breaking the brick.

  8. Well, it seems it’s going to be against Saeryn. Is Lamoron happy that he brought a ranged element this time… I think he is.

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