Feldherr Figure Cases

I borrowed a friends Feldherr (Commander-in-chief) bag to transport my minis to England for the European Team Challenge and I was very impressed with it. Since then I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one because they’re a bit pricey, but the missus decided on giving me one for my birthday next month and saved me the trouble. I ordered it from Feldherr four days ago and today it arrived (that’s like lunar-speed packaging and shipping!).

Good thing it’s mostly foam as it seems to have taken a beating during transport.

I ordered a lot of foam, so I could switch around without moving all the models between trays. I also ordered half size foam trays, to make easier to customize and give me some flexibility in the type of models I can fit. Finally I ordered some 100 millimeter trays, because I’m tired of having to be creative when fitting monsters into the trays, and Legion does have a lot of monsters.

The 10 mm foam layers are the bottoms that need to be attached to each of the foam trays. The bag has room for 180 millimeter foam, so that’s just two or three trays but it should easily fit two lists. If I have to participate in a three list tournament I can always bring out my Sabol Motor Pool.

The bag itself.

How the foam trays fit.

Putting the lid on.

Closing it.

Stuffing the trays in the bag itself.

And it’s done. It’s carried like a messenger bag (picture below) which I like, because honestly the looks I’m getting lugging my other bags around makes me happy I’m not the slightest bit middle eastern looking. The borrowed version brought my entire Cryx list to England with just one tiny break, and that thing broke of if someone looked at it wrong anyway.

I have more than twice the amount of trays that will fit, and the final cost was about 150 dollars. If you settled for just the trays needed to fill the thing it would be about 100 dollars, which isn’t that bad for a bag.

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  1. That actually sounds rather fair price wise, and it looks to be quality shit. I have kinda committed to Sabol now. Not that I have an insane amount of trays, but I do have 12 or so. I think they deliver a really good product, but it does not look as pro as THAT IMO :)

  2. I use KR Multicase (K1 or something like that). Maybe not as stylish as that bag but still the messenger type of bag.

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