Kromac Vs. Jarl Skuld (50 points)

I met up with Jan who recently took up Trollbloods for another game of “what the hell are we doing“, though I’m taking it a step up from Mondays game since Jan is a scary opponent. I would have bet money on him going with Legion after Cryx, but he wanted something different so the big blue bruisers take the field.

Kromac the Ravenous
– Gorax
– Ghetorix
Shadowhorn Satyr
– Warpwolf Stalker
Shifting Stones
– Stone keeper
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)
Tharn Bloodtrackers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
– Nuala the Huntress
Tharn Bloodweavers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Druid Wilder
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

Facing me was Jarl Skuld. Now I’ve never gone up against him before but the thought of a Trollblood melee brick with access to cloud cover sounds really really scary.

Jarl Skuld, Devil Of Thornwood
– Troll Impaler
– Dire Troll Bomber
Earthborn Dire Troll
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)
Trollkin Champions (Leader and 4 Grunts)
– Skaldi Bonehammer
Trollkin Fennblades (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer
Fell Caller Hero
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Trollkin Runebearer

This game was about three hours long, so there might be details I remember wrong or skip entirely. Jan won the roll and decided on going first, which meant I had to consider a first turn feat. Jarl can hit something from 22″ away with Far Strike and bounce Magic Bullets an additional 4″, and losing after ten minutes didn’t really appeal to me.

The brown piece of terrain is a forest. We were playing at his house and terrain was a bit limited but I found a pine cone and stuck it on top… instant forest. I knew the Fennblades would be all up in my business on the second turn so I put the Bloodtrackers over there to deal with them, but it would be difficult since his melee charge range is longer than my advance and shoot (Fennblades make a strange “Meeep Meeep” sound when charging).

I deployed the Stalker over there as well, thinking that if he wiped my Bloodtrackers at least I could get some payback on them. The Shadowhorn took the center stage and Ghetorix was tasked with keeping him from scoring and handling the Champions if they came for the zone. I deployed Kromac behind the forest thinking it might well be the difference between winning and losing on the first turn if I decided against feating.

He put quicken on the Champions and ran them up. He put Weald Secrets on the Fennblades and they ran up. I thought they ran 11″ but they only ran 10.5″ and that ½” turned out to be a big problem. Tactical Supremacy hit the Bomber and while his infantry was on full speed ahead the rest of his army was advancing carefully and Jarl was hiding behind the fence.

Thinking he’d run up nearly 11″ with the Fennblades I stupidly decided on getting a bunch of them with Rifts and safeguarding myself with a first turn feat. I thought about hiding in the woods but he could have run in the Fennblades and bounced magic bullets into Kromac, and with 0 Fury two good rolls could end him. Not taking that chance I warped up a Gallows Grove thinking I could hit one of the Fennblades (the black one on the picture) and kill all the Fennblades that could charge my center.

I put up all my spells, popped my feat, threw a Rift at them and was 0.1″ out of range and scattered away. Now here’s where I really mess up, because the plan was stuck in my head so I threw another Rift where I should have cut my losses done something else, but I threw my Rift and killed exactly one Fennblade, thus activating Vengeance and THAT was a bad idea. Essentially  I used my feat, took seven damage, and activated his ability with it… Epic…

Since I activated Vengeance he was in range to do all kinds of nasty things to my poor little tree huggers. The Fennblades killed a Stone from each unit, took the Shadowhorn down to half health, engaged my Bloodtrackers, killed my Gallows Grove, and they had the Trollblood ability on them so if my infantry destroyed one of them they would themselves become KD after their activation, which meant that my lines where full of reach models I had to kill with Warbeasts… Fuuuuuuu…. the rest of his army advanced and I had to do something because I couldn’t simply fight him in what was practically my own deployment zone, so I had to put on some pressure.

I noticed that he had left Jarl on zero Fury and I thought to myself… let’s do some Circle shit and turn this around! The picture is even confusing as hell so one thing at the time. I decided I would throw Skaldi at Jarl and then hit him with Bloodtrackers when he was flat on his back. The Gorax walks up and kills three Fennblades who are without Tough since the Gallows Grove is within 3″, which allows me to move up Ghetorix into a charge position.

Then I move the Gallows Grove a bit to allow the Stalker the option to clear the Fennblades blocking the Shadowhorn. The Stalker walks up and kills the Fennblade locking down my Bloodtrackers, then Warpaths over and kills both the Fennblades blocking the Shadowhorn, moves up the Shadowhorn with Warpath, and Sprints away.

The Shadowhorn walks up in a strange angle to avoid Skaldi counter charging him, jumps over the champions, picks up Skaldi and hits Jarl straight in the face with him for a bit of damage and KD. Kromac spends his time casting Lightning Strike on himself and taking out one of the bottom Fennblades but the other one toughs it out despite spending 3 Fury on him so Kromac is on 0 Fury and hides behind the Stalker.

The Bloodtrackers move up and since they have the Fennblades as Prey they have the speed needed to get in range of the knocked down Jarl, they all hit but they need to roll a bit above average to kill him and roll a bit below average instead. The remaining Bloodtrackers throw spears at some more Fennblades and I’m almost through them.

Still I’ve put some pressure on him, hit his caster and the game is hanging in the balance. He has two heavies and a pile of champions ready to engage me so I hatch a devious plan. I’m sure Ghetorix can survive a single of his heavies so if I put him up there he will have to get both of them on him and then I can retaliate with the Bloodweavers. I charge Ghetorix up and he kills three champions, then braces for impact!

The old wolf sniffed the air and caught the scent of females nearby. He knew that he had cared for the little ones a long time ago, but his thoughts were chaotic and he could not remember why it had been so. His sluggish thoughts sharpened as he felt his masters presence, the urge to rip muscle from bone scattering what little was left of his mind, and leaving only pure undiluted rage in it’s place. The old wolf set in motion, combining grace with incredible power, and as he fell upon the Trolls his body no longer ached, his Axe no longer weighed heavy in his hands, and death followed with him.

Ghetorix woke up spinning lazily through the air, his eyes tracking the debris and bits of dead trolls flying around him. He suddenly remembered the feel of the barrel as it hit him, the heat and force of the blast, and as his thoughts snapped back into place he spun around and dug his feet in as the second barrel came flying at him. The old wolf was fast when he needed to be, and rolling to his left he dodged the barrel and came up just as the second of the brutish Trolls came rampaging at him. Ghetorix regarded the oafish brute with disdain, and kept rolling to avoid those deadly stone fists as he took in the rest of the battlefield.

Trolls came at him from all directions, and though he was both faster and deadlier than any of them it became difficult to avoid them due to sheer numbers. He swung out his Axe and blocked a spear from an Impaler, while bullets bounced of his thick skin and rained death on the little females around him, and to make matters worse the insane ape behind him had thrown his masters leash and was now hanging on to his back, trying to chew through his armor and making it harder to move. The old wolf shook the ape off his back like water after a walk in the rain, and with a teeth shattering howl he took the offense.

Jan threw absolutely everything at him. Jarl shot him, the Bomber shot him, the Earthborn charged him, the Fellcaller charged him, Skaldi charged him, the Impaler charged him, at the end he was still standing and completely surrounded except for his back, and then my Gorax frenzied and came for him as well, but at the end he was still standing.Jan also feated and put out a bazillion cloud effects but at this point it was to late.

This gave me the upper hand at a critical time in the game, and it gave Ghetorix a special place in my heart. The Shadowhorn didn’t fare nearly as well and the champions killed him, but the fact that Ghetorix was still standing meant that Jan was in big trouble and the Bloodweavers were ready to lend the big guy a hand.

The Bloodtrackers killed of the remaining Fennblades except for the Drummer who refused to die. The Gallows Grove made sure the Fennblade threatening Kromac died, because boxcars on his damage roll would have killed Kromac and I wasn’t up for taking chances. The Stalker moved up with Warpath so it could draw LoS but couldn’t bring the Drummer down either as he had to burn Fury to get through all the tough checks on the two champions up there (man I wish I had more trees here).

The Bloodweavers were absolutely devastating and the three of them (one got hit by a deviating bomb) almost kill the Earthborn, while two of them severely injured the Bomber. The feat gave me a -2 penalty to hit, but gang makes up for it so I hit with all of them anyway and it was epic to finally use them for what they do best after so many games of them doing diddly-squat. Ghetorix killed the Earthborn, killed the Fellcaller, and killed Skaldi, leaving the puny Impaler alive since I ran out of Fury to spend.

I moved the Gorax into the zone with Warpath to prevent Jan from scoring, and moved Ghetorix up a bit and surrounded him with Stones. Looking at the picture I might have moved him out of control range here but in the end that didn’t matter, and I seem to remember measuring so it might just be the angle of the photo.

The impaler moves out from Ghetorix so Jarl can shoot him but Ghetorix gives him a parting gift worth 34 damage taking out both spirit and mind (BAM!). Sadly Jarl then shoots Ghetorix but the old wolf certainly earned his keep in this fight.

The Bomber tramples down to the Gorax but fails to kill the Bloodweavers and the Gorax is still fully operational, and this is looking really bad for Jan.

The Bloodtrackers move up and Nuala kills the Drummer now that the Gallows Grove had time to come help out. The Bloodtrackers then choose the Runebearer as the new Prey and the two others shoot him. The Wilder pops Primal on the Gorax and he rips the already damaged Bomber a new one which leaves the Bloodweavers open to charge and kill the Impaler and Chronicler, leaving him with three models left (two Swamp Gobbers and Jarl).

I probably could have wiped him off the table there with a trample from the Stalker but I wanted a Kromac win on scenario so I set up for that instead. Jan being the type that never surrenders (good man!) then wins the moral victory when his swamp gobber charge kills a Bloodweaver, and I win on scenario.

This was an incredible game, where I got behind at first with losing both sets of stones (I know they were technically still there, but no teleport means they just do support work and get in the way a bit), but then slowly pulled myself up, and when Ghetorix stood fast against the onslaught it completely changed the game into a slaughter. HOORAY FOR GHETORIX!

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  1. It seems that fancy lines and stars isn’t doing anything except confuse people. What do you think? If nothing else I’ve tried it and failed in style :)

  2. making the lines into arrows might help a bit
    granted i skimmed it but do you explain what the stars and lines are supposed to be?
    lines are movement from previous positions to the ones in the photo like a trail of dust?

    stars are attacks ? kills?
    more structure in the text with turns and naming the pics so you know what turn they are from might make it easier to discern

    sometimes things that seem selfexplanatory in your head doesnt come of as such to another person :)

  3. Not sure why he had to move the Impaler away from Getorix to get a shot- Jarl has Black Penny.

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