Danish Masters 2012 Cont.

Continuing from part 1. In the final game of the first day I had the misfortune to be involved in the only mistake made in the entire weekend, as a game had been incorrectly entered and I ended up playing against Jan D’Souza and his Cryx instead of the opponent I was supposed to face. Jan is a very skilled player and I would give him a 50/50 chance of taking me down, even if I was running my optimized Cryx lists (assuming neither of us had bad match-ups), and now I was facing him with Circle…

I felt certain he would pick pSkarre because I wouldn’t stand a chance with Kromac against that (armor 27-32 is nigh unbreakable for Kromac), and I picked pKrueger. I think I had to pick him because his other list was eGoreshade and there was no way Kromac would be able to handle 7.000 Bane Thralls and a Kraken. In retrospect I should have picked Kromac and gone for the assassination on eGoreshade, knowing that he couldn’t pick pSkarre because pKrueger would annihilate that list and I had the “list game” backwards and I was actually forcing his hand not the other way around.

Goreshade the Cursed
– Kraken
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Bane Lord Tartarus
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Saxon Orrik
3 Scrap Thrall
3 Scrap Thrall
3 Scrap Thrall
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren

Yay a Kraken! This would be my first time going up against one and if nothing else I could enjoy getting to know it. I knew I was going to lose this game but I wasn’t going to lay down and die, so game on!

I placed the Bloodweavers on the left flank to handle the Bane Thralls and the Nyss Hunters on the right flank to apply those Weapon Masters to the Kraken if I could, and to handle the feat models if he decided on shifting his entire army to offense when I hopefully got rid of the first million Bane Thralls. With the limited amount of shooting I felt safe moving up Krueger more aggressively and I put Lightning Tendrils on the Feral to do a little hit & run to clear out MOAR BANES! Trusting in the resilience of his list he ran up very aggressively putting everything up in my face, which was a bad call when I had infantry blenders ready to strike.

The Feral kills a couple of Bane Thralls and retreats back to where it was. Krueger puts Tendrils on the Bloodweavers and they destroy most of the remaining Bane Thralls. Megalith Tramples up and with Geomancy he grabs Tendrils and kills a couple of more Thralls, leaving just four of them. I also got 4/6 Bile Thralls but I needed 5/6 because one of them was in range so I kissed my Bloodweavers goodbye. The Nyss Hunters failed spectacularly but again it was due to my poor eye for distance and I had to redirect them fighting a Siren which they missed.

Tartarus attempts to whirl up a couple of more Bane Thralls to handle Megalith (stupid mistake of me not to consider him sacrificing Tartarus for that) but luckily the dice won’t agree and he only gets one new Thrall which means that Megalith survives. The Kraken isn’t doing much better and is now fighting two Nyss Hunters and not killing them. He pops his feat and fills the field with another million Bane Thralls but I have my feat left and I really felt I had him on the ropes which was a novel experience.

I try blocking his Kraken with Shifting Stones and move in the Stalker to maul him if he doesn’t run away, while pKruegers feat and the Feral wipe out most of the reanimated Bane Thralls. Megalith tramples down towards Goreshade but we knew he was out of range, but he was down to 9 boxes anyway and would die if he didn’t move. I was hoping for some bad dice from Goreshade which would have won me the game. Cylena and the Pistol Wraith on the right flank keep pushing each other without any of them managing to take down the other but I was running low on time after having been forced to kill some 30+ models already. Since I was running low on time I stressed out and forgot to take pictures but here’s how it happened.

Goreshade kills Megalith (expected). Kraken charges across the rocks which I didn’t see coming and kills my Feral (UNEXPECTED!). I fight back wiping out a lot of his list but I cannot touch the Kraken and it gets fixed up. He comes at me hard but I keep him from killing Krueger and I get one shot at pushing this game to an unexpected end. I get my Stalker on the Kraken with Primal up, and if the Kraken goes down I have a shot and pulling this game out of my ass. I have 3 minutes on the clock and he has 5 minutes, and if the Stalker takes him down he has to kill it in five minutes or pray I time out if he hands over the turn before I can do something interesting. I think he would have won anyway but we never got that far because the Stalker failed.

48 damage done, 56 needed, average should have been 46 so I needed to roll really well and only rolled very slightly above average. The Kraken ate the Stalker and I lost on scenario with a grand total of ten models left on the board. I’m not sure it was a “close” game but it was a helluva lot less lopsided than I was expecting. Jan made some tiny mistakes, I made some tiny mistakes, neither of us can claim really good or bad dice anywhere, so it was really the little things that made a difference. It was a great game and I felt Jan deserved the win, but I gave him a good game with some close moments.

1-2 score

The fourth game I decided would be with Kromac no matter what. I was matched up against Husum and he always brings strange and interesting lists which makes our games a thing of academic interest as well as incredibly entertaining. Husum and I once faced each other with pDeneghra Vs. eNemo in a 7-8 round long game where each turn had the other player declare the game over because he would most certainly lose, but the game kept going with the balance shifting every single turn.

General Adept Nemo
– Charger
– Charger
– Thunderhead
Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts)
– Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Captain Arlan Strangewayes
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
Journeyman Warcaster
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Stormsmith Stormcaller

Reinforcements: Nyss Hunters (Leader and 9 Grunts)

This looked more normal for an eNemo list and again I won the roll to go first which is very nice against eNemo and his upkeep hell. I decided early on that I would need the Stalker to handle the Nyss Reinforcements and there was a wood over there to activate Prowl so that was perfect (and I like screwing Nyss over using their preferred piece of terrain).

I knew this would be another game of alpha strikes so I had to use the scenario to force him forward and I rushed up. I don’t like being player 1 in this scenario but in the case of eNemo he can’t really abuse it because of his vulnerability on round one, and Woldstalkers have 19″ range so he could barely move out of his deployment zone in safety which gave me complete control of the board. I also knew that he couldn’t hide behind the woods because the Ninja goat would get him on round three so I expected him to play defense there and push hard on my left flank to equalize the points I would probably be scoring.

He moved up a bit to far (about a millimeter to far as it turned out) with his left flank Ironclad (my left) trusting in Polarity Shield to keep him safe. The Thunderhead also moved up about a ½” to far not taking the double teleport into account.

Kromac moves up to catch a Gun Mage in his  Warpath area and the Woldstalkers finish him to move up the Stalker. He might not be able to charge but now he’s able to walk up to the Ironclad with Sprint from the Wilder but I don’t primal him expecting him to finish it without it so I have him active the following round. Some slightly below average dice means that the Ironclad is still fully operational and the Stalker is stuck and will be getting some Nyss Hunters in the back.

I double Teleport the Feral up after putting Primal on him, and put him where he can attack both the Ironclad and the Thunderhead. One attack is enough to take out Cortex and left arm on the ironclad so I leave it at that and Scrap the Thunderhead with some solid damage rolls. Then I Warpath over  closer to the right Ironclad daring him a trade. I put up Resolve on Ghetorix so I’m confident he can survive an Ironclad to the face and I expect him to go for the Feral instead. Still I have brought one heavy down and another is useless, so it was a good round.

Nemo is a bastard! He put failsafe on the Ironclad and popped feat, so instead of a completely useless Ironclad my Stalker found himself dancing with a fully loaded and operational one! It did take some Nyss Hunters to help bring him down but down he went. Eiryss came down and shot Resolve of Ghetorix and got the second Ironclad to the face, but due some bad dice it didn’t really hurt. The rest of the list moved up to prevent me from winning on scenario which I was going to try because I had almost no control points.

The Feral Frenzies like he must and isn’t doing much, the Stalker was dead, but Ghetorix danced with the Ironclad and wrecked it. The Shadowhorn jumps down to a Charge and Eiryss that are preventing me from scoring, throws the Charge into some Gun Mages killing one, and then pulps Eiryss earning me a point. Kromac decides to wipe out the Nyss Hunters with Rift and does well enough until I feat and then by default put him in Beast Form since I had a plan involving melee at the beginning of the round and mixed them up. The good thing was that he was now immune to assassinations due to camping Fury and being in beast form, and I sent in the Woldstalkers and Gorax to clean up and the Nyss were left so diminished that they were no real danger.

He fails to clear me off the zones and fail to kill the Feral with the remaining Ironclad. He also fails the Shadowhorn Threat range test with Nemo but I was pressed for time. He ran a bunch of models into the zones and with 5 minutes left on the clock I didn’t feel comfortable trying to kill them all. There was no doubt I could but I wasn’t sure if I had the time. Instead I sent the Shadowhorn with Primal and Wild Aggression after Nemo and then I jumped out of control range. In my hurry I had forgotten to move Kromac! The Shadowhorn was in control range when he jumped but he was not when he landed!

Nemo had no Focus, I had to roll 6+ on 3d6 and doing 2d6, 2d6-1, 2d6-1 damage and got him on the final attack. I think I might have cried if I had thrown the game away by forgetting to move up Kromac because while there was no doubt who would have won I was down to 2 minutes and he could have easily timed me out. Still a win is a win and 2-2 was better than I expected to do at this tournament. The final game was a bye which was a bit sad, but someone had to do it and it allowed me to end the tournament with a win (this game, not the bye).

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  1. Hey there.

    Just to comment on the game we had.

    “Trusting in the resilience of his list he ran up very aggressively putting everything up in my face, which was a bad call when I had infantry blenders ready to strike.”

    I don´t think it was a bad call. I think i needed to push forward to prevent you from pushing me away from the zone. I admit i don´t know circle well and have only played against PKrueger once before almost a year ago, when I started on this game. I forgot about lightning tendrils and about you being able to circle your spell a lot of times. That hurt me. I did not think it to be a problem though because i still could get af couple of good charges in with the banes, feat and get a beyond maximum unit. I did not roll well, so it was only a max unit i got in the end.

    Maybe I got i wrong but i only think you got 3 seconds left on your timer.

    The game ended 0-3 in my favor.


    • Hmm, that might be. I think I had minutes but you could have timed me out anyway since you controlled the other zone so I had no way of getting ahead even if I had managed to kill the Kraken :)

  2. Some more afterthought has made me more certain that you had three seconds left on the clock. I remember going through the game in my head saturday evening, and I remember your clock ticking down with only the seconds to spare. It doesn´t really matter though.
    I could probably have timed you out as you say because of me being in the lead.

    But thank you for a great game.


    • It was fun! It also got me thinking because my planned eKrueger list doesn’t like Colossals one bit and our game confirmed it.

      A Colossal is a big fat anchor that movement shenanigans can’t touch, power attacks can’t touch, and only buffed up special character warbeasts can kill reliably.

      I had planned a list built around movement and board control, but the nature of Colossals seems to negate that approach almost entirely, and raw damage is the only way to go.

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