Danish Masters 2012: Helljacks and Bonejacks en masse

Around here, Danish Masters is the high point of the WM/H year. Last year, I missed it (due to a higher point, ie. my daughter being born). This year, I’m ready as hell…well, ready as hell may be a slight overstatement, really. I’ve spend most of my limited gaming time in 2012 thinking about painting Circle, but not doing it, not playing 50 point games, in fact not playing SR games at all, but playing Malifaux instead. Hit by the big “Oh, Shiny!”-bat.

A month ago I decided it was about time to think about Danish Masters and getting some painting done. My Circle project is far from finished, and I didn’t want to rush anything as I’m having quite a blast painting the wild beasts (more on that in another post!). So Cryx it was, then. Mortenebra has been my kind of necro-robot-girl since the field test and I’ve had a 50 point list painted up for quite some time. But as all of you know, SR2012 introduced reinforcements, so I had some catching up to do painting wise. Also, I needed to paint up a second list to go with my Mortenebra one. Knowing myself  and my lack of painting morale and painting time full well (and Hjelmen and Lamoron reminding me about it), I needed something that required only moderate time spend at the paint station. Which is to say a minimal amount of trooper models.

In the end, I painted up some four bone jacks, Witch Coven, a new Daryliss (as my Skaryliss was judged only fit for Skarlock duty by the TO), Gorman and Withershadow Combine. I also repainted some parts of a unit of bile thralls I painted in a diffenrent paint scheme some years back. Now, for the first time in MK. 2 I’ve got 100 point of painted Cryxians ready to march to war (and be slaughtered mercilessly) at Danish Masters:


Mortenebra: Deathjack, Harrower, Seether x2, Reaper, Slayer, Daryliss

Necrotech x2, Siren x2, Scrapthralls x5

Reinforcements: Stalker x2 (they are crazy crazy as reinforcements!), bloat thrall.



Witch Coven: Deathjack, deathripper x2, stalker x2, scavenger x2, skarlock.

6 Bile Thralls, Withershadow Combine, Siren, Gorman, Pistol Wraith

Reinforcements: Defiler, Ripjaw.


Lots of jacks, not a lot of anything else. The game as I like it!



Last monday, I got my first SR2012 game with the bonejack heavy Coven list and got shot to pieces by my opponents Siege list, which was as expected. Both lists are centered around a core of fast and fragile jacks with some rather fast and fragile support. They don’t like shooting, they don’t like stuff that ignores stealth and the don’t like disruption and electroleap. So the fact that at least 7 out of 30 players bring Cygnar armys (most likely fielding Nemo3 and Stormwall/Striders), combined with the amount of rust on my routine, makes the prospect of me winning a lot rather unrealistic.

But it really doesn’t matter. As said, Danish Masters is the biggest WM/H event in Denmark; seeing old friends, perhaps meeting new ones, and getting to play and talk about all manner of nerdy stuff makes a 0-5 score seem like no problem at all.

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  1. Just a bit of feedback here, but this is SR2012 where character restrictions are a thing. You can’t have Deathjack in both your Coven and Morty lists. Not even sure which list to recommend you keep DJ in either, they both seem built for him to do a lot of heavy lifting.

    • There’s an option in SR 2012 to play without restrictions and this tournament is thankfully free of that horrible idea.

      • Yeah, as L says, character restriction won’t be a problem this time around. But thanks for the heads up.

        Should I enter a tournament with CR at some point with these lists, I think I would try to find the additional 7 point in the Coven list for a Kraken. It can do about the same amount of heavy lifting, has a better threat range w/ Coven than DJ and helps solve the big problems the list has with massed infantry. And I would really like to paint up the beast :).

        • Ewww, Character Restrictions have been the best thing to happen to the game in my opinion. I actually find it obnoxious to just see that there is basically 0 negatives for characters and ridiculous amounts of advantage.

          • As always the correct answer to that problem is to tweak all the problematic models/units instead of applying a hammer that breaks more than it fixes.

            It’s been tried and has failed for as long as I’ve played miniature wargames, which is sixteen years so far and it’s never worked once because it’s a hammer where you need a scalpel.

            If you always see Tartarus then nerf him, if you always see the WG Death Star then nerf it, but don’t remove the tools I need to handle those things and claim that it diminishes the power of those models/units.

            The only thing character restrictions do is make powerful combinations even more powerful by limiting the tools needed to deal with them.

            That being said, no one ever changes sides in this discussion so it’s sort of pointless and I’m just happy our TO is on the “no restrictions” team ;)

  2. Great read and the army looks fantastic mate. Good luck! :)

  3. Okay, somehow my plan to get beaten big time backfired on me. Instead, I won the event. In a day or two, I’ll post some battle raports.

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