Danish Masters and Angry Elves – Part 3

Time for another update with a few pictures of what I have managed to get finished.

This time around the picture quality is sadly not that great. And the same can be said of the painting quality, as I’m beginning to rush things a little bit. But things are moving in the right direction and I have a lot of other miniatures getting closer and closer to a finished look. So I may just make it in time for DM. :)

This time around, we take a look at a few House Shyeel-themed models, the main theme of both of my armies for the tournament.

So first up is a unit of the all-round excellent House Shyeel Battle Mages. These guys are amazing in-game, as they can present both a ranged threat with their Force Bolts, moving the opponent around to where I want them to be, causing severe damage on Rahn’s feat turn, and at the same time being excellent at cleaning up leftovers of the arcane barrage of magic attacks of the feat turn with their huge powerfists in melee combat, their two attacks at P+S 11 and MAT 6 with Beat Back often being a surprise to the enemy.

House Shyeel Battle Mages ready to Force Punch you. In the face.

To accompany the Battle Mages we have a House Shyeel Magister. He does what they do, but better. Being able to Combo Strike Slam something away with a MAT 7 P+S 15 hit is always nice, as is being able to move up your own models (preferably Garryth in my second list) using his Whip Snap is also handy.

Magister. When just hurting you is not enough.

Also from House Shyeel is an Artificer. He’s just there because he’s House Shyeel. But he does have some nifty abilities, one of those being punching people and another being somewhat resilient. He rarely does amazing things, but he does have good versatility, so he rarely underperforms either.

More punching and mittens. Only this time, more hurt and less talking

Another model from House Shyeel is this Griffon. Amazing little thing for 4 points. Excellent for running up and being a target for Rahn’s “Git off mah lawn”-spell. Or coupled with a Dawnguard Scyir as a small independently working “unit”.

You often get what you pay for. In this case, you get a lot more than that.

And to round things up, the dear Rahn Shyeel being a caster and all, and Garryth really not wanting to waste any potential focus to overboost his powerfield while running up the battlefield, we have our very own Retribution Partisan Sylys Wyshnalyrr. He needs no further inroduction I would think. He’s just that good. A well-placed Chain Blast with Rahn’s feat and Arcane Secrets is nasty. Really nasty…

Sylys. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

So all in all, things are going well. With a little more work, I should have even more stuff ready in the next few days. Well, I’d better have, since the tournament is this Saturday…

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  1. I’m so looking forward to facing these guys :D

  2. I still think the painting standard is quite impressive considering the output speed. You should give yourself more credit in my opinion. :)

    • Thanks.
      The models are above have been a “close to finished” state for a while, so although I would like nothing more than to say that they were done in the past week, that would not exactly be true…

      The models do look really nice, especially when they’re on the table and you see them from 3 feet away. They were not really meant to be viewed in full close-up as they are here. Only my warcasters and a few solos have been painted with techniques and standard to allow that.

      But as an army, I think it will be quite good looking as a whole. :)

  3. Great job getting them all done, I’ve been stuck getting my Retribution done for so long.

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