WIP: Shadowhorn Satyr

Got some work done on the Shadowhorn. I’ve reposed it so it doesn’t look like someone straining to take a dump in the woods, and straightened out those silly horns. I’ve attempted an “in motion” pose I think came out well enough. I need to shine up some details, finish the base (I ran out of tufts) and add some gore (though this time the gore will be from his own wounds since he IS a piss weak goat hanging out with wolves) but then it’s ready to stand on the sidelines and await reinforcement scenarios.

I’m considering doing a little more work on the helmet since the model could use a color breaker right there to break the monotony, and the jewels need a color I can’t quite decide on as well.

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  1. The mold lines on the right horn is quite an eye sore, but other than that it looks great. Simple but effective repose!


  2. Same here. But now that you have mentioned it, it’s very clear xD

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