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The favorable termination of endeavors!

I’m done! I now have two working Circle lists all painted up and ready to go. I’m going to bed so pictures will have to wait but these are the final lists and all I had to borrow was a Feralgeist and the card for my Reeve Hunter since that’s gone missing.


Danish Masters 2012: Helljacks and Bonejacks en masse

After missing Danish Masters last year, I’m more than read… ehm, somewhat ready this year. Fielding as many hell- and bonejacks as possible.

Tree Hugging Scientifically Proven To Improve Your Health!

Despite injuring my foot I managed to power through and get some paint on the last 20+ models.


Danish Masters and Angry Elves – Part 3

Getting more models ready for the upcoming Danish Masters

/Mads O.

Danish Masters and Angry Elves – Part 2

More painting of Retribution in preparation of the upcoming Danish Masters
/Mads O.

The Danish Masters and the Angry Elves, part1

Preparing for the Danish Masters – angry elf style.
/Mads O.

Know your enemy: Harbinger

A fellow named Curt asked for this article but I’m not sure he knew the extent of his request: “I was really hoping you could write an article, or at least give suggestions, on dealing with protectorate in general and the Harbinger in particular”.


Status: Kromac DM list

After a nice little vacation I have a couple of days before I’m off again, and I got a little work done on the Circle project.


WIP: Shadowhorn Satyr

Got some work done on the Shadowhorn. I’ve reposed it so it doesn’t look like someone straining to take a dump in the woods, and straightened out those silly horns. I’ve attempted an “in motion” pose I think came out well enough.


Kromac Vs. pButcher (50 points)

I challenged Lars from last week to a rematch, since his pButcher list gave me all sorts of nightmares and I might as well face them. We were playing a simple scenario without reinforcements, and I was using Skillts Kromac list.