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Lesser gods of resource management

This is not an article about using the Lesser Warlocks with Cryx, but an attempt at explaining exactly why the Lesser Warlocks are the unappreciated gods of resource management for Warmachine Factions.

ETC report – as seen from the barrel of a gun

When the team signups for the ETC2012 opened last winter I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I signed up with another local team than Lamoron, and so this weekend I competed in the ETC for Team BLAC.

Spotlight: Erebus

I finally feel like I’ve had enough games with Erebus to make a decision. Erebus is worth the two points over a Slayer in a few builds and I’ll try and explain why, because it took me a long time to figure out the subtle ways he influences a game.

Terminus: Part 3 (Done)

Usually my games are decided when someone comes within range and gets charged by Terminus, but with this model on the table they began running away like crazy and I won 3/5 games on full scenario points. Fear is a potent tool it seems.

ETC Report

This will be my European Team Challenge post where I’ll write everything and upload everything. This will take some time since I need to sort out everything, sleep, work, and make sure my wife likes the idea of me going next year by doing something nice for her. I’ll post a comment every time I make a major update so you won’t have to keep checking for new stuff.

ETC updates

Some of you have been asking for updates from the ETC. Being the benevolent dictator and deity I’ve thought about what I could do to satisfy your curiosity, and one of my team mates has agreed to have his twitter account feed to the overseer while he’s over there.