Ghetorix WIP: Part 2 (Done)

I fixed him up a bit and got down to painting. I’ve had the flue and a throat infection of some sort since Thursday but today it’s clearing up a bit. The upside was getting some work done on the Circle project in the periods between coughing up blood of shaking with the fever.

It’s not easy to see on the pictures but his Axe is covered in blood (both fresh and dry), and while he’s not my best work he’s acceptable and will not embarrass me on the table, but his face is missing some contrast so I might have to fix that when I’m done with the rest of the list. Here is he with the currently painted Circle models I have.

I’m thinking about taking Circle to the Masters since I think I’m allowed to go with just one list, but that would mean a lot of painting and a really bad placement in the tournament… still it’s worth considering.

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  1. It’s perfectly legal to only bring one list to the Masters (or any Steamroller event that uses the baseline army list variant).

    Even though you might not place high, you’ll probably still have more fun with circle than with “You just finish the game while I go have dinner”-Terminus :P

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking, but it’s a lot of painting and that’s mostly what’s going to decide it. If it looks doable I’ll go for it and lose my way to a personal and moral victory:)

  2. I think he looks really good. I really like the bases your doing for your Circle army, and the model it self looks like he’s had a bad day and is just scouting the battlefield for a victim to pound into the ground xD

  3. Really like your Ghettowolf repose. The original pose is very static and boring, your oddly enough brings out both some of his bestial, hunterlike themes and some of his more humane.

  4. I just recently started playing warmachine with cygnar and just purchased some circle models, 1st the the ghetorix does look awesome and your winter stones underneath your models even better. I’m not sure if it’s uncouth to ask how you did that color scheme for the rocks, but i’m asking ) i’m new to painting and crafting but my stuff looks decent but I have not done the bases yet. thank you for your time.

    • The bases are incredibly simple. The one Ghetorix has is a couple of layers of Cork Heat Pads layered, but since then I’ve begun using a single thick piece of Cork instead, since the effect looks a tad more realistic (I just buy the Heat Pads in a mall nearby).

      – Spray it black.
      – Drybrush with a dark grey.
      – Drybrush with a light grey.
      – Drybrush with a white.

      This takes about half an hour (not including drying time after spraying) for ten bases, if you’re making a batch, so it’s really easy compared to some other methods.

      Finally I use Vallejo Pigment ( mixed with PVA glue to make the snow. There are things out there which look better, but non so far that requires so little time and effort :D

      I might write up a guide tonight if I can find the time.

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