Ghetorix WIP: Part 1

Despite infections and illness I got some work done on Ghetorix. He’s missing “something” I can’t really define right now but the core concept seems to be working. I’ve decided that Ghetorix should have some personality so I’m aiming for “old Norseman” and adding fur and some pose. His hand will be placed so he’s leaning on something (haven’t decided on what) and the paint job will reflect some age (if I can manage it), so if all goes well he should end up looking like an old and battered wolf taking a little break before hefting his Axe once more.

I need to make some scars and fresh wounds on him, I need to do some work on the fur to give him a more “shaggy” feel, and the base is going to take a while as well. The main things is that he’s assembled and ready to take the field for the first time on Monday (if I’m upright that is).

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