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After my spanking at the hands of Calandra I’ve decided to go back to Mohsar and the ability to beat up heavies (sorry Roar, not there yet with the tricks and shenanigans). The grand spanking also made me do a lot of thinking about my relationship with debuffs and why I like Cryx so much, and I’ll just have to admit that debuffs and I are intricately tied together because of how they affect the game and list construction as a whole.

When I think about buffs and debuffs the difference is that buffs are usually easier to apply but suffer from being limited to certain types of models, and usually only affects a single model or unit. Debuffs are harder to apply but can be applied to a broader range of models and affects anyone that interacts with the debuffed model/unit. When you think about it you’ll quickly realize that buff spells are controlled in a way that debuffs will never be, because debuffs usually don’t care about Friendly Faction models or whether you’re in a battlegroup or not. This doesn’t just mean that debuffs are inherently stronger than buffs¬†(if you can land them) but also that they’re a lot more versatile.

With that in mind I’ll be keeping the Ravagers and bringing a caster with a debuff available, turning them from¬† PS 15 to PS 17 on the charge, thus enabling them to take on heavy infantry and jacks/beasts (they hit as hard as Bane Thralls with CoS on the charge). The same debuff applies to all other units in my list, turning Bloodweavers into deadly killers as well as upkeep removal, and it turns my own heavies into juggernauts (they reach the levels of damage needed to solo a Colossal).

Mohsar the Desertwalker
– Gorax
– Ghetorix
– Warpwolf Stalker
Stoneward and 5 Woldstalkers
Stoneward and 5 Woldstalkers
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)
Tharn Bloodweavers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Tharn Ravagers (Leader and 3 Grunts)
– Tharn Ravager Chieftain
Blackclad Wayfarer
Blackclad Wayfarer
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

The only problem will be what to remove if I win, but I’ll burn that bridge if I get to it. I’m working on a conversion for Ghetorix as the way he’s holding his Axe just doesn’t sit well with me, but it’s turning out to be harder than expected :/

I’m also considering Megalith and Wolfriders in there, but making room for them is hard…

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  1. No Bloodtrackers? I just find them to be the perfect Mirage targets, and prey + CoS + weaponmaster javelins makes for some good times. I’m assuming you put Mirage on one of your Woldstalker units instead? Teleport, aim, shoot zephyr back to where you were.

  2. First of all because I’d like to test the Woldstalkers now that I’ve bought two full units. I think they show a lot of promise on paper and I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform.

    Secondly because Woldstalkers can engage without getting killed when they walk up with 10″ range, shoot, and Zephyr out of charge range which is something Bloodtrackers can’t do. As a flanking force they seem incredibly potent and self contained.

    Thirdly I like the fact that they’re not living because morale checks are annoying to the point of crippling. I’ve seen more Bloodtrackers and Wolfriders fail their tests and cost a player the game than I feel comfortable with.

    Last but not least because they’re in 9/10 Circle lists and I like being a little different. Woldstalkers are not exactly a rare sight but they’re damn near extinct when compared to the Bloodtrackers.

    I actually don’t think Mirage will be on the Woldstalkers very often, since it will probably go on the Ravagers on the first round. When they’ve engaged I’m thinking it will go on Ghetorix to allow him some additional range :)

    • So is your deployment going to be Woldstalkers on each flank, ravagers center, with beasts and support mixed in behind the ravagers? It sounds interesting, I just don’t happen to have either of those units yet, let alone two sets. I definitely want to try Woldstalkers with Kromac eventually though. Maybe you’ll convince me to try them with Mohsar too.

      • That’s the general idea (adjusted for enemy deployment of course). The Ravagers will serve as pushers because of Advanced Deployment if I go first, because they can move up and threaten his deployment zone with Mirage (assuming his ranged presence won’t just remove them of course).

        I assume my opponent will then shuffle around and set up a screen, which I can then remove with Woldstalkers or retreat from if it proves impossible to shift.

        It might all fail badly because I’m trying to learn a new way of playing and it’s hard. Usually I play reactively, analyze my opponents options and block them until he’s forced to make some poor choices that allow me to win, but with Circle I have to be the active player and I suck at it so far.

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