Warpwolf Stalker WIP

I’ve begun painting some Circle. As you may know I hate painting but this time I’ve tried using some actual techniques and it’s having some pretty nice effects. Being a complete idiot I decided to start with my centerpiece: Warpwolf Stalker. At this point he’s almost done needing just some work on the claws and the final gloss.

I think this turned out alright… the blood is made with a Tamiya clear red mixed with Chaos Black and some grass glue. It really gives the whole blood some icky fresh feeling and it’s thick enough that it can be splattered and look great. The snow on the base is Tamiya snow mixed with grass glue. I think I got away with making something that looks decidedly violent and as natural as a 9 feet tall killing machine can be.

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  1. while i have no issue with the paintjob the wrist caught my eye. Are they supposed to look like that or did you not clean of enough of the flash on the stub on the arm? the flimsy wrists look kinda wierd to me but then again its not my model so as long as you like the look thats fine.

    as far as painting stuff is concerned i enjoy painting solos and jacks but units quickly grow tedious for me and its questionable that my second box of bane thralls will ever get painted since i am unlikely to ever run goreshade tierlists and needing a second unit with ua.

    painting keeps me kinda centered so if i dont do it for a while i get restless and fidgety and i have recently started to step it up and paint a lot more stuff up as i wont put it on the table just primed or bare metal.

    The enjoyment of fielding a painted force is far superior to bare metal and proxying imo

    keep up the good work

    • The wrists do look very odd on the multi-model plastic kits. That being said these look worse because I magnetized them (I’ve bought two kits that should be able to cover all combinations, and I have an old metal Feral that will turn into Ghetorix at some point). I tried drilling into the arms but it wasn’t actually as noticeable before I painted it.

      I’m considering fixing it when I’ve gotten around to painting everything else :D

  2. Consider changing your leather color to be less like your skin color.
    Will do a lot for the model i think. getting some more contrast in there, and make it more defined.
    And if you have no idea what im talking about, bring it monday, and ill show ya :)


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