Terminus: Part 3 (Done)

I rushed the model so I could use him for the ETC 2012. I’ve found some pictures of him that various people have taken and he caused some crowds to gather every now and then. I wasn’t allowed to place him with all the other Colossals but he’s actually slightly taller than them when you take his wings into consideration ;D

His lower body is the Games Workshop Zombie Dragon. His torso is the Deathjack. Wings are Games Workshop Vargheist wings. Hoses are from various kits but mainly PP Brute Thralls. Then I’ve added armor, head, swords, soul cages and more from Terminus, and a bit of Talos Pain engine parts to bulk out. It’s not technically tournament legal but there was no doubt as to what model it was so the TO accepted it before I had even finished putting it together.

The base is magnetized so it can pop off if there’s any doubt as to where the actual base is (since the cork on top is a lot bigger than the base), and when it pops of it has his name (missing the last S but I was in a hurry) and the direction he’s facing. He’s magnetized at the torso as well, both wings, and his sword for ease of transport, but I think his tail will have to be magnetized as well since is was hell during the game and snagged on everything during transport.


He could have used some more work but time was short. I’ll upload some more pictures when I find them. A fun little idea I’ve had is that the model actually changed how the list plays which was a surprise. Usually my games are decided when someone comes within range and gets charged by Terminus, but with this model on the table they began running away like crazy and I won 3/5 games on full scenario points. Fear is a potent tool it seems.

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  1. Awesome conversion. Almost makes me want to try something similar. Unfortunately I have 0 experience with conversions, and that looks like quite a job.

    • It took time but there’s nothing particularly hard about it. I think getting the parts cheaply is the main problem actually.

      • I was fortunate enough to see this for myself and it is very impressive.

        I have a Terminus kit in bits and I just can’t bring myself to assemble it. A Lich Lord should inspire deep and abiding terror in his foes. A limp wristed, puffy sleeved, shredded winged retard trying to hide his sword up the back of his shirt just does not do that.

        Needeless to say I am getting the urge to go my own way. And hopefully it will outdo yours :P

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