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This will be my European Team Challenge post where I’ll write everything and upload everything. This will take some time since I need to sort out everything, sleep, work, and make sure my wife likes the idea of me going next year by doing something nice for her. I’ll post a comment every time I make a major update so you won’t have to keep checking for new stuff.

First of all the results: I came in 17th on the individual rankings and our team finished at 41 which I’m pretty sure was the worst placing of all four danish teams. At 17th place I did finish as the second highest ranking Dane though, and I could have done better (more on that later). I’ll write up some reports but to be honest the heat and noise meant that I had almost no resources left to spare, and I can’t remember half the games (during the games I couldn’t remember the names of my team mates, and I’ve known them for years).

I’ve shot some footage of the event but a background in photography does NOT a good cameraman make, so most of them were lousy. I’ve used the ones that turned out alright and next year I’ll know a bit more about what I’m doing. Please excuse my shitty English as well, as I was free-styling! THESE WERE FILMED WITH THE PERMISSION OF MAELSTROM GAMES, BUT IF YOU ARE IN ONE OF THEM AND WOULD LIKE ME TO REMOVE IT, PLEASE SAY SO! I don’t want to piss anyone off, so write to me at lamoron.overseer (@)

Boy was I wrong. People were not bitter, not angry, and REALLY not enjoying the food. The food was horrible to the point of being inedible… no wait it was inedible. It was basically white bread with something unidentifiable and something that was supposed to be cheese. We wouldn’t have survived the trip without the nearby pub Sir John Cockle, who is now a hero amongst the Danish teams: Once more we are saved by Sir John Cockle, rejoice!

Lesson learned: When youtube asks if I want to fix my videos I’ll say NO, as they were fine before and now they seem to blur and lose focus. Anyway the second gaming area isn’t supposed to hold 260 players on it’s own of course, but as a part of the whole.

These were filmed Thursday and Friday since I messed up my intro and made a new one on Friday morning when we returned. That means the continuity is completely non-existent so don’t worry to much about it when nothing makes sense.  Friday night we had our first game against Epic Flail.

Game 1: Against Epic Flail: Terminus Vs. Nemo3

I played a very aggressive game in order to push his Stormwall back. Nemo3 is a very powerful caster and I had almost no support left, but he had to backpedal one round to many to avoid death and I took the game on scenario. The rest of the team lost though Kris had to roll a 9 on 3d6 to win and rolled a 7 (3 minutes and 20 seconds into the game).

The team were great sports and did a lot for us by proving that not only were the good players within our reach (skill wise), but the guys who came to win were also able to chat and have a great time while doing it. Thanks to Tom, Liam, Phil, and Brett for a very nice welcome to the ETC. Highlights were as follows:

  • Machine Wraith kills a Stormlancer on a free strike, thus becoming Corporeal and blocking the rest of the unit from charging.
  • Snapjaw eating most of the Stormlancers the following round.

We moved down a rank and now faced Team Bazinga! We were walking up the stairs to our table and I heard the guys in front of me talking about facing FAD. I introduced myself as their opponents and one of them turns to a guy in a balloon hat and goes “Oh they’re well groomed, I like them already” and I was sold.

Game 2: Against Bazinga: Terminus Vs. Mortenebra

I got faced up against Mortenebra and 9 Slayers, and while we were setting up and talking I decided to give this guy a game instead of running him over in an hour long grind that would make both of us hate life. What I should have done was put the Bile Thralls out front because he had just two Sirens as ranged attacks and he would have to dedicate 2-3 Slayers to kill them, then I’d wipe those with Bane Thralls and he could send in the next 2-3 Slayers to clean them up. Rinsing and repeating would leave me with two heavies and Terminus against Mortenebra and a sure win.

What I decided to do was to give the guy a game and I rushed like mad. I set up my defenses to allow him a single Slayer to get through on average, and I could survive two with health to spare, but 9 consecutive failed tough checks allowed a third one entry and I died. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that stunned to win a game (it was totally worth it… usually when I lose I’m slightly to greatly annoyed, but this time… nothing), and then we had an hour long chat while the rest of my team messed up as well (except for Jakob who pulled a win).

In a show of exceptional sportsmanship team Bazinga made me a hat of shame when I asked them for one, and I proudly wore it whenever I could do so without pooling sweat into my eyes. When I agreed to join F.A.D I made one demand: That if I wanted to play like an ass I would, and no one would be allowed to bat an eyelash if that cost us the entire tournament. I made a pact with myself that if someone turned up to win I’d play to win, and if he turned up to have fun I’d play to have fun, that being said I sure as hell wasn’t expecting to actually lose that one, but it was the best game and the best chat I had all weekend. Great game guys, and I wish I could remember your names (some helpful soul moved all my books and notes and I never found them again!), but all I can remember is getting the epic story on why everyone called you Titch mate!

Kris lost to being a stressed out duffer that didn’t Time-bomb The Coven when he had the chance, Jakob won, and Jonas got himself manhandled. We were all pretty ecstatic and talking with the Bazingas at that point, even if we did lose and dove over the far end into the realm of rookies where we belonged anyway.

In retrospect, assuming nothing would have changed with match-ups, I would have placed fourth in the individual rankings (maybe third if I had scored a control point or two), and taken best Cryx general if I had chosen the path of boring grind game, but I came to have fun and I’m perfectly happy that I lost a fantastic game instead of winning a shit boring one (though some of the other Danish teams have trouble accepting that, my own team thought it was epic and that’s what counts).

Game 3: Against Phat Cats: Terminus Vs. pDeneghra

Pirate Captain Kris had used his patched eye and put me out instead of himself by mistake (or maybe he didn’t fancy another game against Cryx), so I had to take on pDeneghra (urgh). My opponent had a very well painted army, though he should consider including some more ranged elements as almost everything was melee. He tried for a kill on Erebus with Satyxis Raiders that would also have brought Terminus down a bit, but they came within Abomination range and failed it. He then had to kill his own guys to avoid me getting all their souls which put him in a bit of a rough spot.

He more or less blew up my entire army with Bile Thralls because I had to come to him or risk losing on scenario which was a great play and a perfect example of stealing the initiative, and he killed Admonia by sacrificing a pile of models to get at her, then crippling grasped Terminus and Shadow bound him by charging with pDeneghra. Now I wouldn’t have done that last part if I were him, because all he had to do was back up and sacrifice a part of his list to Terminus with a few souls, but I guess he felt confident that I couldn’t hit him with all the debuffs.

Lesson of the day: Don’t ignore Snapjaw! I didn’t even try with Terminus, because Snapjaw wasn’t debuffed so he charged pDeneghra, looked at Terminus and Malediction, boosted to hit and bit her head of in a single attack (31 damage, there you go). The guy took it pretty hard but after he calmed down we had a nice chat about it and he turned out to be a nice guy on a rough streak.

Kris got dice raped again and left the enemy caster on 4-5 health after failing an 8+ on 3d6 with re-roll, Jonas lost, Jakob won, but we lost the round since Jonas had given up a control point and we had all failed to get one. At that point we would quite like to win a game so we decided that instead of trying to get Jonas a good match we would sacrifice him in order to gain some favorable match-ups for the rest of the team :D

Game 4: Kernov Kings: Terminus Vs. pCain

Due to sacrificing Jonas we had some much better match ups this time, and in retrospect we should have just done that from the start. It completely threw their games of balance and I got to go up against pCaine with my no targeting and stealth list. This guy had a Stormwall and a Cyclone, but the rest of his list hit like paper tissues so I knew what I had to do. I move up, he blocks my advance with covering fire, but Tartarus runs in from the flank instead of charging the Stormstrider like my opponent thought he would.

Terminus charges the Stormwall and destroys it with one Focus left to spare. At that point my opponent had had enough and took five minutes to cool down, and when we did the math it was exactly what Terminus should have left after destroying it on average dice. Then Wrong Eye walked up and made room by killing one of my own Bane Thralls, and Snapjaw could walk up to the Stormstrider and eat it without getting Pushed away. Arcane Shield proved no match for Snapjaw with Dark Shroud and Snapjaw became WIP for the second game in a row.

Since his list was so small he didn’t have the resources to keep me away from the flags and after his Cyclone and Ragman failed to kill Terminus I killed them and won on scenario. I must admit that the guy was raped even harder than Kris had been by the dice, but he became very frustrated by flunking some rolls that seriously didn’t matter and as a result his entire game went down the drain. Yes he was raped, but maybe he could have won by skill if he had kept his head in the game. Kris won his game (yay!), Jakob won his game, and Jonas lost badly… 3-1… and the sweet taste of victory!

Then we went home to sleep. I think I got around to apologizing to all the people I had promised a drink and a chat but I barely made it home before I crashed, and as the next video shows I wasn’t looking to hawt the next morning either.

Sunday morning I was introduced to the thing that woke us at night. It shook the walls of the entire hotel and is some kind of bastard child between a Dire Troll Bomber and a Nuke. Then we went back to Maelstrom for the last two games. I actually had more voice left then most of the team.

Game 5: Against a team SoB from Holland: Terminus Vs. eDoomshaper

Hilarity ensued when we matched Jonas and his pVlad Beserker spam against pSkarre Satyxis Spam. The look on their faces will have me laughing for weeks, and we got to pick exactly what we wanted as a result. I was going up against eDoomshaper as I have studied Mads O (from my club) and his plays a bit so I knew what to expect from eDoomy and had the tools to counter it.

He almost got to me because I underestimated some distances and lanes, but since he had to trampled and Goad his way to Terminus the full camp and Beyond Death proved to much even for Mulg with Primal (Rök). This scenario had reinforcements and my Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders claimed me 4 control points while Terminus ate his reinforcements and camped his objective at ARM 39. I was sort of hoping he would push me off the objectives so I would get to wipe out the rest of his list with Terminus on 22 Focus the next round but he couldn’t.

The guy was great fun and we had some lovely chats while the rest of the team finished. Kris won again but Jakob threw the game away in an epic display of fail when he, as the last thing in his round, moved his widow makers to shield Irusk. Irusk didn’t need it at all, and when he moved them they left the objective and he lost a game he would otherwise have won with 99% certainty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him angry before, and it was sort of like seeing an underground nuclear explosion… you see the surface move and you know what’s going on down there, but the full fury is contained.

Luckily Kris won, and with my 4 control points we took the round and got our second win of the tournament. With one game left to go we had a shot at breaking even, and this whole “sacrificing Jonas” seemed to be working wonders so we did it again.

Game 6: Against Phatter Cats: Terminus Vs. pIrusk

We had used our feat this round so not only did we sacrifice Jonas to keep Saeryn off me (again the expression when Jonas picked Saeryn instead of Irusk was worth the entire trip, because what kind of morons pick an all melee heavy list against a better melee list that can completely shut you down for a round), but we also swapped eSorscha to Jakob and I got pIrusk (happy times).

I have absolutely no problem winning with Terminus against the standard pIrusk lists as long as Saxon Orrik lives so he was hanging out in my deployment zone and waiting for Inhospitable Ground to pop most of the game. My opponent was a great guy but I think all the players were wiped out mentally at that point and he didn’t really stand a chance. I did purge seven Kayazy assassins without any of them dying as they made tough checks like crazy and all the corrosion faded the following round.

This game is the only game I have a problem with, though by no fault of my opponents, because in the end he timed out. He wasn’t stalling (or he was he should be nominated for an Oscar), he just ran out of time and that won the opposing team the round. It’s a bit silly because he had one guy left in the zone and if he hadn’t run out of time I would have killed that mechanic and what little remained of his army, and grabbed one or two control points, but he timed out and unlike dying to Killbox that didn’t award any control points.

Kris and Jonas lost, Jakob won, and since we were tied on control points they won on army points because their own player timed out. I freely admit to feeling robbed and it took me three tries to explain the referee that HE timed out so we lost and I wasn’t the one that timed out. They agreed it was lame but the rules were clear enough (but I know what will be going in my suggestions email tomorrow).


Due to the stupidity of the rules for timing out we were 2-4 instead of 3-3. Jonas lost all his games, Kris won two, Jakob won four, and I won five. We were nominated for best painted team but didn’t win (the nomination was a surprise in the first place so that was to be expected). Team Red Dragon won the most sporting team trophy. I really felt that we had a shot at every round we were in, even with a player losing all his games, because most of the games we played were decided by single dice rolls or one bad decision either way, and two of the other Danish teams finished 8th and 16th while being made up from players at about the same level as ours.

It was an blast to participate in the ETC 2012 and I’m hoping I can go next year as well. Still missing the pictures and the actual names of the teams we played (losing my notes was a major setback).

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  1. sounds like it was a blast. reading the twitter updates and what I heard from other sources really made me wish that I had gone too /: but wtf, you can’t have it all, and not having anything to do also proved to be really productive painting wise :)

    • It was incredibly loud, incredibly hot, and a lot of things could use some tweaking but it was more than a blast… there were several players you would beat hands down, and even Jonas who lost every single game wasn’t the worst player there because he scored three control points which made seven people worse than him :D

  2. Updated with the last three games and results.

  3. I somehow got it into my head that it was kind of eliteish, but I guess not :) I think the main reason was that I didn’t have a team and didn’t quite felt that I was ready for an event like that. come to think about it, there probably isn’t a thing as being ready for something like that anyway :)

    • Jonas came along, knowing full well that winning one game was a stretch and he had fun. It was actually anything but elitist which was also my concern, but (having only played you once in the masters) I’d say you would easily finish in the top half on the individual rankings (modify up or down according to dice performance).

  4. Sounds really nice… I’m hoping to start attending more tournaments :)

  5. I really love that hat xD It’s totally epic :D

  6. Thanks for posting all this, it’s a fun read! Now go back to playing Circle so I can read more about that.

    • I’ve got some projects brewing now that the ETC grind is over…

      pKrueger infantry is still something I would like to get working and Mohsar is still a tease (but I find Hordes lists very dull to construct and I do like fiddling around with lists… a lot…), I have a Legion project brewing as well, and some really stupid Cryx lists with the two Iron Lich Overseers and the Steelheads I’ve bought.

      I don’t know what I’ll be doing but it will be nice to do something beyond sitting down and waiting to win (as Roar called it).

  7. Glad to see you enjoyed it! And kicked ass from the looks of it. And after the feedback the TO got the food will improve as well. Maybe you will see more than white bread and processed protein ;)

    My PSkarre infantry swarm went 3 wins 3 losses in the end. But given how I was put in a team I did not know (ringer) and was running on 2 hours sleep I consider that a pretty good haul. :)

    The Maelstrom ETC is certainly not the elitist event that you see in 40k or fantasy. If you want premier league “fun” there is something similar to that held in Salzburg later this year where only one nation each can be represented. Maelstrom events are a broad church. If you want to win. There are some of the best players in Europe in attendance. If you want to drink, we have cocktail pitchers for £7 (drink 7 get 1 free!). I would not read too much into the individual scores. One of the flaws in the team system is that an otherwise cruddy team with one star player can drag the star player down. This results in the star player having six games of chump bashing fun against poorer opponents. My own adoptive team, elite cadre had the best troll player but finished in the bottom 1/3.

    More importantly, will you be back for more next year?

    • I think I will, but I must admit that I was very happy to have a list that played itself because the noise and heat wrecked any form of coherent thought I attempted :)

      I think you’re right about the player vs. team issue because I was in trouble against Epic Flail, but from game three it was really just a matter of not doing something really stupid and waiting to win. I would like to try my hand against some of the top teams to see what happens, so maybe some pick-up games next year could be the solution.

      We found the John Cockle pub 5-10 minutes up the road so we survived the “food”, but that is definitively something that needs to be taken into consideration for next year.

      I’ll be there if I can, if I have a team, if I can have that week off work, etc. etc. etc. but I’ll do my best because it was a hoot and now we know what to expect :)

  8. Gj on winning thoes 5 games, I got some problems my self playing vs pDenny with Terminus and I dont know why.
    A shame that you didnt get to play some of my friends from sweden but again the swedish teams took 1st and 4th witch is pritty nice :p

    • She is a problem for Terminus and I wouldn’t have picked her if I had the choice :)

      She has the auto-win spell Crippling Grasp, which means that under no circumstances should Admonia be allowed anywhere near anything that can kill her.

      She has the raw damage to break a camping Terminus without even sweating with Withering + Parasite and some melee. She can lock down an advance for a round which means you need to rush her to avoid scenario loss, and that means dying to Bile Thralls.

      It’s a very hard match-up, but not impossible, and had my opponent been a more experienced player I would have been in real trouble. He actually played a really tight game and had a good grasp on tactics and strategy, but at the end he didn’t realize the importance of landing a Crippling Grasp on Terminus and killing Admonia by “accident” and lost.

  9. Sounds absolutely legendary mate did ya get to meet any of the Australian teams? I had some good friends head over. Great read as always and can’t wait to see pics :)

    • Sadly no. I think there were about a 100 people to many at the event and there were no realistic way to meet and talk to even half the people that were there.

      There’s no doubt I’ve seen them, and we did discuss them because we thought it was pretty darn awesome that you guys made a journey like that to come play :)

  10. Great report man, really enjoy reading this blog, been hitting the refresh button constantly ever since I first found it shortly after picking up the game a year ago. Keep up the good work!

  11. That hat, is sex on a stick, by the way.

    Just sayin.

  12. I think this is a journey i’ll have to make next year as it looks like a blast :)

  13. Pictures are up. I think I’m done for now, unless I somehow get a hold of the actual lists my opponents were playing.

  14. Heh, that toilet still gives me a good chuckle.

  15. Great report :)
    Just one thing, I don’t remember our having Cryx player on Team Red Dragon (but they are sneaky). Maybe it was Pickles who also plays Skorne (and did this year – like me).

    See you next year!

    • After reviewing the video, the guy I remembered being on your team is very distinctly not there! He did appear in the best general lineup though, so I guess my busted up excuse for a brain must have gotten them mixed up (last night I only slept 12 hours, so aiming for just 10 tonight). I’ve removed that part :D

  16. Your more than welcome to another hat next year!

    Plus if you let me play Kris again I’ll be more than happy to get you a tutu….

    Great games as a whole from the rest of the Team Bazinga.


    • I think he’d like a rematch very much, but I’m not sure he’ll be coming next year since he gets some pretty bad migraines when things get loud, and loud definitively characterizes the ETC :/

  17. That’s a fair one, though if he wears ear plugs we could learn sign language? ;)

    Fingers crossed.


    • If I attend next year it WILL be with ear plugs… I’m still not entirely over it and I’m sleeping 9-10 hours every night. Half the time I couldn’t hear my opponent anyway and just nodded vigorously and hoped it wasn’t something important :D

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