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Terminus Vs. eKaya (50 points)

I’m very much looking forward to ETC being over an done with so I can get back to using some more interesting lists. Today I made just one mistake so I’m pretty much there, and while I certainly don’t expect to leave ETC undefeated I think I stand a chance against almost anything I could end up against.

Thoughts on Mortenebra: Infernal Machines

Some thoughts into the workings of Mortenebras theme force Infernal Machines. Quite a lot of thoughts, as it turns out. On the theme in general and the models in it.

Dear PP, Bane Riders please

I did a little thinking on the coming Bane Cavalry and this is what I came up with.

Terminus Vs. pIrusk (50 points)

Taking on Terminus with Infantry is like trying to kill a fat kid by throwing cookies at him.
– Tonny, two times Danish Master with Cryx.

Mountain King

At first I was a little disappointed by the Mountain King, but then I began thinking about the Trollblood buffs and it got a little scary instead.

European Team Challenge

The plan is to go have fun and finish ahead of the other Danish teams, though if Skillt from the Circle forum shows up I’ve challenged him to a Terminus Vs. pBaldur showdown (which I’m most certainly going to lose).

RHQ TV Colossals

The link is up! Time to start the weeping!

Asphyxious the Hellbringer

We’ve got spoilers that look very legit and a look at the model itself. This caster seems extremely interesting and potentially very powerful, though (much like Scaverous) the player will need some serious skills to really abuse them.