It’s hard to be a viking

I did some checking on the opponents the other danish teams will be facing and now I’m feeling a lot better. As I wrote yesterday we’ll be going up against Epic Flail and most certainly lose, but the second danish team Eyes Wide Shut will be going up against Epic Flails surplus gamers Let The Wookie Win, and while they have a shot at winning I think they’re heading down with us.

The third danish team Emperors Pride will be going up against team Sprocket and they’ll probably lose, while the last danish team Base Load Air Compressor has an actual shot at winning against team more CACK. I have a lot of respect for the players on BLAC, but due to real world issues and choices they’re probably the weakest of the danish teams so moving up in the tournament might not be a pleasant experience. It’s sort of liberating to go in knowing we won’t have to worry about doing well.


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