Tournament: Terminus Vs. eKaya

Lars and I have danced this dance before and Terminus is a nightmare for his list. I could speculate that the composition of his list is to blame, but mostly it’s because Circle has trouble removing my support system and beating through Terminus with Beyond Death up and running.

Kaya the Moonhunter
– Laris
– Gorax
– Feral Warpwolf
– Pureblood Warpwolf
– Warpwolf Stalker
Druids of Orboros (Leader and 5 Grunts)
– Druid of Orboros Overseer
Tharn Bloodtrackers (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Nuala the Huntress
Blackclad Wayfarer

Personally I think the list is to hung up on the trinity of heavies and that Ghetorix should be in there somewhere. I also think some Shifting Stones and a couple of trees would benefit the list but this is what he brought so game on. We got the same table again so don’t get confused if the images are eerily similar to the ones from game 3.

The Hippies won the roll to go first and with all that sneaking up on people they did during deployment they crossed half the table on turn one. I had deployed both Machine Wraiths across from the Druids since they weren’t going to do much else in this game, so I might as well make sure he used the Druids on them. There also happened to be a big ruined house in the center and Machine Wraiths with cover is a lovely thing.

Bane Thralls in front to take the brunt of the assault. If he came in after me with the Bloodtrackers I’d have a delicious menu of souls to choose from, and if he didn’t I’d be able to grab some points and perhaps a few extra Thralls with Tartarus (in the woods to the right).

From the left to right: Cocktail, Appetizer, Welcome Cordial, First Course, Second Course, Dessert, Coffee, Cake, and Biscuit… all the things a growing Terminus needs. Sure I lost about half my Bane Thralls but he lost the game as a result. The following round I walked up and ate my way to armor 32, and when he ran away he didn’t run far enough as Madelyn and Darragh maneuvered Terminus until he had a sliver of LoS and he charged across the house.

The final tournament score was 4-0 which earned me a shiny gold coin. With the exception of Rahn I felt in control of all my games, but I’m looking forward to giving Terminus a well earned break in a couple of weeks. I like playing this list, I like eating people with Snapjaw, and I like how smoothly the list grinds itself to victory (except against eAsphyxious), but a hundred games with the same caster, and around 40 games with more or less the same list is getting to me.

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  1. You could pick up Scavy. I’d love to get some ideas and tips for my own list I’m working on.

  2. I dare you, Lamoron, (after ETC that is, ofc) to play some games with the models you given the most hate in the past year. And no auto-pilot elements like Bane Thralls.

    Your Terminus list is very much the list playing itself, it would be great to see Lamoron play some lists again :).


    • Hmm… let me see.

      That would be Iron the Lich Overseer (do I really have to use it as a Jack Marshall or can I attempt to make it a melee piece?), Bloat Thralls (why won’t you work you fat bastards!?), Necrotechs (I’m thinking melee Necrotechs), Scrap Thralls, and… that’s about the only things I’ve hated on that I actually own.

      I guess Soul Hunters are in the pipes anyway and I might get them, and running them all with Asphyxious3 or something.

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