First round pairing is up!

We’re going up against team Epic Flail from York, which means I won’t have to worry to much about doing well since we’re more or less guaranteed to lose. It’s probably a good thing to begin by getting spanked as it will set our priorities straight right away: Beer & Barbecue!

These guys took 7th place last year and bring an infinitely more balanced team than we do, but they still have to work through Terminus (oh wait… their two best players are Legion & Cygnar, and the Legion player usually brings Saeryn… never mind).

The good news is that our main rivals (you know who you are you wannabe swedes!) is facing team Sprocket who won the 2010 ETC and came in 8th in 2011, so they’ll probably get themselves raped harder than us. Anyway if I have to guess what their team will look like depending on their usual tournament setups it will be something like this:

Brett Wilkie: Legion
Phil Shaw: Cygnar
Liam Jordan: Blindwater
Fourth guy: Dunno

The fourth guy will probably be Marc Williams with Menoth to make everything a bit more balanced, but honestly it won’t matter much because we’ll be crushed and drown our sorrows in ale. If by some miracle we win the round we’ll celebrate our victory with ale, making enemy spies unable to differentiate between victory and defeat so we can claim that we won the ETC no matter what the official scores say!


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  1. Hehehe… best of luck to you :) I’m looking forward to following the danish teams, if it’s possible. Will you be posting from the event?

    • … maybe… tournaments take a lot out of me and there’s a very real chance I’ll be to tired to write anything.

      If I have the energy I’ll do a little report, and I’ve sent the organizers some questions about filming and reporting from the event but they haven’t gotten back to me.

  2. Hope to see something from you, even if it’s only a couple of photos from the event or minor updates. Else we will just have to wait until after ETC :) Tournaments are stressful, and you have a lot on your mind, so I understand if you can’t fit it in ;)

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