ETC: Exceptionally Time Comsuming

Been a little quiet here lately due to the ETC. It’s hard thinking interesting thoughts when all the input I’m getting is “Terminus hit puny people in face“. I’ve still not had time for the last two battle reports from the weekends tournament either, but in short.

1. Terminus Vs. eNemo, win by scenario.
2. Terminus Vs. Gunnbjorn, win by assassination.
3. Terminus Vs. Rahn, win by assassination.
4. Terminus Vs. eKaya, win by assassination.

4-0, qualified for the Danish Masters, a bigger gold coin than I already had, and the ugliest PP special dice in existence.

Now I’m thinking about reinforcements and since I’ve just bought the Steelhead package I’m considering them as well. They’re a bunch of god damn hippies but the paint scheme itself matches my Cryx theme well enough. The bases could be fixed with some clippers and a bit of snow.

I’m currently thinking that reinforcement option number one would be best since putting down models I’ve never used before at the ETC… seems like a poor idea.

1. Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader & 5 Grunts), Warwitch Siren, Warwitch Siren.
2. Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader & 9 Grunts), Machine Wraith
3. Pistol Wraith, Pistol Wraith, Warwitch Siren, Warwitch Siren.
4. Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (Leader & 2 Grunts), Steelhead Halberdiers (Leader & 5 Grunts)

What do you guys think?

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  1. I would go for the min unit Ghost Raiders and 2 Sirens. Annoying as hell, and as you wrote in Terminus vs eNemo, getting that focus on Erebus if he’s deployed far out on a flank might be useful.
    Otherwise, tying up the enemy for a while is always helpful, be it only that he has to reallocate his ressources a bit to take out the Incorporeal models, likely taking up Aiyanna’s action that round.
    The Steelheads have let me down often in the past (the cavalry mostly), but you might get something out of them. I just find that they’re a bit too slow to do their “thing” on the turn they arrive as reinforcements. But it might just work. As Bo would say “looks good, go play with it”. :)

    • I know I’ll enjoy them with pDeneghra (Withering and Crippling Grasp/Parasite turns them into gods on the battlefield) but Ghost Raiders + Sirens do seem to be the better option right now.

  2. I´m playing Terminus at the ETC as well, but have chosen differently than your 4 options.

    I have chosen a small Satyxis Raider unit with sea witch, a Raider Captain and a Machine Wraith.
    I think Black Banes are a good choice, but i dont want models that potentially cheats Terminus for his souls on his feat turn. Satyxis Raiders kan chare 17″ and a base from the table edge, so with a well placed Terminus, they should be able to deliver some souls to him.

    • I tried it a couple of times but most armies clash on round two and it was bloody annoying that I had to keep them away from Abomination checks.

      Have you tried it out?

  3. Also I’m uncertain what to do about my tiny but extremely angry bladder during an event where time can only be stopped for rules discussions :D

  4. Dude. Thats what assasination is for !


  5. Thats what adult diapers are for. You could throw your opponent off their game by looking across at them and saying “hey buddy im peeing myself right now”

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