Tournament: Terminus Vs. eNemo

Saturday was tournament day and my last chance to test my ETC list thoroughly as well. It was a four round event and my first opponent turned out to be eNemo. I didn’t bring a second list so it was just Terminus Vs. the world.

General Adept Nemo
– Hammersmith
– Ol’ Rowdy
– Thunderhead
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts)
– Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Sword Knights (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Gorman di Wulfe
Journeyman Warcaster
Rhupert Carvolo
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Stormsmith Stormcaller

There’s was some real punch  in this list, so for once I had to worry about actually dying against Cygnar instead of just losing my army and the scenario. I won the roll and elected to go first since there was no way I would take the initiative anyway so I might as well get up there so I could push him with a full load of Focus and all my spells and effects active.

The Centurion and Stormsmith on his flank are his reinforcements waiting to happen. I brought two Bloats, two Sirens, and Gorman but that turned out to be a poor setup so I’ll go back to the Ghost Raiders for the ETC. Since I was player one I spread out with a heavy hitter on both flanks and the WSC took to the left since they knew there would be a Centurion coming in there.

The Bile Thralls probably wouldn’t do much this game so they stayed down behind so they wouldn’t mess up my lanes while the left Machine Wraith ran up and prepared to receive the Centurion when it arrived. The WSC prepared to receive the Thunderhead and Tartarus felt safe enough to go stand out in front. WE&SJ took the left flank as well and prepared to defend the zone. Out on the right flank Erebus knew the Warwitch Sirens were about to arrive and rejoiced, since he’s been having trouble operating to far away from Terminus since I removed them from the list.

Cygnar moves up and takes the initiative like I knew they would. The Mage Storm blocks my lane to his heavies and I will need to move into his kill zone in order to avoid losing. That’s always a bad situation but usually Terminus just tanks his way through it. I had to adjust my strategy and go into an all out offensive jam though, because those three heavies couldn’t be allowed to roam freely with access to energizer and his feat available.

Terminus shifts to the left, Erebus fails his charge on a Sword Knight by 0.1″ but Ol’ Rowdy can’t counter charge since the same SK is blocking his advance (I was trying to use Overtake to lock down both Rowdy and the Hammersmith at once). Gorman kills a Stormsmith Stormcaller, the Machine Wraith on the left hides behind the house to avoid death by Gun Mage, and the Bane Thralls run up to jam everything they can. The Bile Thralls see an opportunity and run up so I can purge the Sword Knights if they come for my Bane Thralls.

Darragh Wrathe pops Beyond Death and the Bloats shoot ineffectually at some B13 members. WSC lines up to the left of Terminus in order to bring down the Thunderhead if it comes for Terminus in melee. I didn’t figure it would since it’s expensive and didn’t stand much chance of taking me down, but if he did I made sure I would profit. I ran up a Warwitch Siren to make sure Ol’ Rowdy didn’t walk away as he pleased and then I prepared for my standard tactic of rolling a lot of tough checks and taking the hit.

Ol’ rowdy moved away with Energizer, my Warwitch Swings, hits, and… triple sixes. Arcane shield made sure it didn’t suffer to badly but at least it was now stuck hitting Erebus when it’s activation came around. The Corpse Token marker is a KD marker as I ran out of them due to heavy Cygnar fire.

Ol’Rowdy punches Erebus, misses, and is moved 0.5″ backwards due to terrain which means he can keep hitting me and Erebus dies… blergh. Hammersmith goes to town and kills a bunch of solo characters and knocks 9 points of Darragh Wrathe. Up the center the Sword Knights and Gun Mages wipe out most of my Bane Thralls and my wife who dropped by fails all but one tough check. Then she left and I made five or so and ran out of markers but saved my list.

Madelyn was active and a Bile Thrall was close so I was pretty sure I had the game in hand when he decided to engage. I forgot to take a picture because I was thinking hard about activation sequences but the Centurion ran in and lined itself up perfectly for Dark Industries. The Thunderhead came for Terminus and managed to do nothing to him, and I knew it was in the bag.

Snapjaw trashes the Thunderhead. WSC turns the Centurion into a Seether. Terminus drains 11 souls and the game is over. It took another round of destruction but once Terminus is up and running it’s Good Game and my opponent was left with Nemo, a Squire, and Rhupert hiding in the woods and I won on scenario.


Next up was Kriegler’s Trollbloods and they’ve trounced me in the past, though I’ve never had Terminus on the table when he did.






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