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It’s never a good idea to write anything important when you’re having trouble forming thoughts more complicated than “urgh” and “blergh” so the initiative article will have to wait a few days. When I have a fever strange things tend to happen, like weird insights or the fact that I’m Jesus…

When I was three years old I got a fever and it got a little out of hand so I was hospitalized. Then it got way out of hand and the doctors told my mom she should prepare for the possibility that I wouldn’t make it. Then I apparently sat up on my rubber sheets, sweat dripping off me and said “on the third day Jesus rose from the dead, and ain’t nobody done that since” and the fever dropped.

Blasphemies aside the old noggin comes up with some pretty good ideas when it’s boiling and broken and it came up with some ideas on handling pHaley with a Stormwall (Still no answer to two of them though). That’s probably a good thing since I’m going up against just that on Monday if all goes well. I’ll be going up against her with Terminus since I know (remember… Jesus…) that if I don’t practice I will have to fight it at the ETC.


Wrong Eye & Snapjaw can lure the thing out. There’s nothing his army can do about the team except beat them up in melee and most Cygnar lists have just one or two heavy hitters. I’m betting most pHaley lists will have just one Stormwall instead of those two hitters so if he wants it dead he’ll have to come do it with the Stormwall. He can choose to come do it with melee infantry of course, but then Terminus will juice up on souls and the Stormwall will go down the following round unless it runs like hell which is also a win in my book.

  • Can this fail: Certainly.
  • Will this fail: Likely.
  • Could this work: I think so.

I’ll be shot to shit getting there and if I lose to many Bane Thralls I can’t hit him back even if he comes for Snapjaw. Erebus will have to find something to do without Focus on the extreme flank because he’s such a juicy target for the Stormwall and it would be sad if he broke without gaining me anything in the process. It’s the first plan I’ve had that seems viableĀ  so I’m looking forward to seeing if it works on the table as well.

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  1. Jesus seems to have forgotten that he agreed to face eAsphyxious this Monday so there will be no Stormwall action (crud).

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