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Black Ogrun Conversion: Part 3

I really want these guys to feel like dark and brutal scourges of the sea instead of cartoon pirates and they’re getting there.

pDeneghra Vs. eHaley (50 points)

I challenged Kris to bring the eHaley list he’s tweaking for ETC and he agreed to kick me until I stopped moving.

Introductions are in order

I’ll bring a nice contrast to the views of Lamoron, since we have erm…”somewhat different views” on what constitutes a good list and an efficient way of winning games. His is more effective, but mine is faster. :)

Deathripper step-by-step, sort of speed painted

Last year I made a step-by-step on how I paint my cryxian jacks for a danish forum. Now I finally got around to translating it (rather speedily I admit – forgive any obvious errors)… You are of course welcome to paint something similar and use the same or other colors etc – otherwise I would […]

Tweaking pDeneghra

After last Mondays game I’ve decided to take another look at the list. I realized that even my fifty point version had just one hitter with the capacity to take down serious armor (Brine), and I don’t like going in with just one solution to a problem. I’ve cut everything from the list that I […]

Black Ogrun Conversions: Part 2

The plates themselves require some more work since the details are fuzzy but I wanted to see how it would look before I did all the work.

ArosCon results

I knew there would be a lot of Cygnar players but holy crap they turned up in force (and the winning Cygnar player didn’t even bring eHaley).


Aros is the original name for the city I live in (Aarhus) and I popped in to look at the games today. I would have loved to participate but I have to work tomorrow so sadly I had to sit this one out. There were eighteen Warmahordes players, six Malifaux players, and ten or so Warhammer players so while not a particularly large con by any standards there was a lot of different things going on.

pDeneghra Vs. eHaley (42 points)

I rarely get to play against eHaley (I know it’s weird) so I grabbed the opportunity last night. It was another 42 point game and I was fielding the cut down version of my Warwitch Deneghra list. I’ve been fielding Nightwretches instead of Deathrippers these last few games and they’ve let me down time after time but I thought I’d give them another shot because you guys keep telling me they’re great.