Tweaking Terminus

I took a look at my list when I tried to fit in the Kraken and discovered some room for improvement. Cankerworm drains a lot of resources before dying but he’s not really a threat to anything and most people ignore him unless they have nothing better to do. A while back I brought Erebus a couple of times and I found that he was lacking threat range but with no better choice available I’ll give him another couple of tries and see if playing him more aggressively (with Machine Wraith charge blockers) will change things (the one time he did work though… 16 kills in one round with Ravager and Reroll up).

Lich Lord Terminus
– Erebus
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus
Darragh Wrathe
Machine Wraith
Machine Wraith
Madelyn Corbeau
Saxon Orrik
Skarlock Thrall
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw

The models I’ve removed are Orin Midwinter (anti-stealth), Rorsh & Brine (Anti-Heavies), a Machine Wraith, and the Cankerworm (charge blocking). Rorsh & Brine were changed to Wrong Eye & Snapjaw as they’re hard pressed to handle heavies without debuffs (in a pDeneghra list I’d take R&B every time), and the three other models were combined into Erebus. Wrong Eye & Snapjaw also fit the list better since they can avoid a lot of punishment and keep pushing forward with the rest of the list while R&B needs to commit quickly or be shot to death.

Reinforcements: I simply cannot find something I think will work well as reinforcements. I’ve gotten some suggestion over at the PP forum and I’ve decided to try Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders and a Machine Wraith. This option isn’t meant to clear and hold the zone but to rush his flanks while leaving the Machine Wraith to threaten or contest.

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  1. I’ve read about your feelings on MechThralls – I was wondering what you screen Termy with in the above list. Bane Thralls? I plan on taking T out for a spin for the first time, and your various articles have been invaluable.

    • I use Bane Thralls for Sacrificial Pawn targets but only people who forget he has Sac Pawn ever shoots at him anyway. I use my jack(s) to prevent charges and add a sprinkle of Bane Thralls where possible in case something goes wrong.

  2. I think using bb’s as reinforcements is quite nice. Ofc they can’t really clear a zone by killing anything, but they will annoy the hell out of an opponent when they rush his lines and tie up a lot of stuff :)

    • I gave it some thought…

      He can send out some armor that Blackbane’s can’t scratch, but that’s actually a good thing because most lists can’t take down Terminus without their heavy hitters, and if he sends one away voluntarily… unless it’s a character jack the Machine Wraith will be a problem for Warmachine players, and most Warlocks can’t send their beasts that far away. Add to that the fact that very few heavies have magical weapons and I think I’ll be coming out on top there.

      The second thing he can do is send out infantry and that’s not really a great idea either. Even heavy infantry has trouble with being charged and lit on fire, and high defense infantry can be dealt with by engaging them and threatening free strikes. If he can’t hurt them the Blackbane’s can cause all sorts of mischief the following rounds, so unless he’s got defense 14+ infantry with magical weapons I see it going well.

  3. I foresee that working really good. I’m looking forward to hearing about it if you try it out in a game in the near future :)

  4. Lamoron have you ever thought of Soulhunters as your reinforcements? They have a synergy with Darragh Wrathe and also are a bit of a surprise to your opponent. Having recently used them they are very good with def 14 they are not the easiest target to hit, they are fairly decent when they mix it up in combat they are also 5 more large bases to block charge/trample lanes to Terminus I just cannot say enough good things about them.

    • I’ve thought about them regularly but I end up without an answer to a couple of questions when I do. Here’s to hoping you’ve found answers to them :D

      * How do I keep them alive against heavy shooting? Defense fourteen won’t deter any serious shooting, armor fifteen won’t stand up to any serious shooting, and they have no ranged attacks themselves.

      * How do I benefit from the wonders of Darragh Wrathe if he’s out on the flank helping the Soulhunters? He usually hangs out in the thick of fighting to allow me the best selection of actions and his range on the Incorporeal buff is limited.

      * Unlike Blackbane’s who can engage the rear lines the Soulhunters will impact the front line on the second or third turn, so how bad will they rob Terminus of souls on feat round?

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