War Room delayed again

I just love how they made Hicken stop updating iBodger and then spend six months creating an inferior product. The Blog they’ve created looks promising though, and the multiple platform integration sounds great (though the fact that it wasn’t part of the original planning is a bit sad). I guess there’s nothing to do but wait some more…

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  1. The multiple platform idea was the plan all along. Its announcement was for Android and iOS.

  2. I actually don’t see why Hicken’s work and theirs could not coexist.

    On one hand you have a product built by a team of engineers and creatively backed by the assets of PP.

    On the other you have a fan produced application that does a nice job with the functionality it covers.

    His is radically different from theirs and fits a different niche.

    I suspect they had to stop his app for copyright reasons. If you let one go by then you lose your ability to defend against others that may hit closer to home.

    • I think I would have just bought iBodger and kept Hicken on it part time. I doubt he worked more than a couple of hours a week on the thing, and they would have had all the time in the world to work on War Room.

      Dear Hicken… would you like to close down iBodger or receive 1000 bucks and a part time job?” – I’m pretty sure I know what he would have said.

      The fans would be pleased, they could work all year on War Room without anyone being upset, and when everything was running satisfactory they could close it down and we wouldn’t care.

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