Terminus: Part 2

I finally found some wings for Terminus (The Vargheist set) and I magnetized them, but space limitations made me use smaller magnets than I would have liked and the wings have trouble holding their pose (they don’t fall off they just move around). I might need to find a way of making room for bigger magnets on his back, but one problem at the time.

His sword is an entirely different problem because of it’s size but I think I’ve managed a solution. It’s not attached yet and I’m thinking about magnetizing that as well in order to make a Terminus I can disassemble for transport purposes. I’m considering changing the sword for another but with the majority of the body being Deathjack or GW parts I’ll have to be careful about using non-Terminus parts unless absolutely necessary.

The sword is missing the pommel because I’m not sure how I want it to look. I’ve scavenged hoses and parts from some other GW sets to spice it up, but I’m just not sure I like the size and look of it on him. I really hope I’ll find some sort of solution for the legs in the near future, but everything I try has looked like shit so far.



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  1. For the wings, is there anyway you could include a pin next to the magnet? This is what I do for my Tomb King Sphinx tails. The magnet holds it on, and then the pin keeps it from rotating.

    • That’s a pretty darn good idea. I don’t think there’s room but maybe I could add some muscles with grey stuff and use that space to pin them since they won’t need to support much weight. Thanks for the tip :)

      • I’ve tried something a little different. I’ve added hoses and used those to stop the rotating wings issue. It doesn’t look all that great on the image but in real life I like it a lot.

  2. In terms of the banshee spirits, have you looked on the american ebay?

    Can pick them up on their at a pretty reasonable price.. about £6 for the three and shipping is pretty reasonable (especially considering how much the european counterparts charge for the same bits !).

  3. Lol, may the odd be always in your favour !

    Great site by the way, have gleamed lots of good tips for my noob cryx army from these hallowed pages !

  4. Yup, was reading that back when it was the wildlife preserve, before the rename !

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