Terminus: Part 1

A couple of people have expressed some interest in the Terminus/Deathjack conversion. I’ve done five attempts at making a working and legal Terminus conversion and come up short every time. The wings are giving me fits, the legs are just wrong, but the torso is working out well so I guess I can show you that for the time being.

For the wings I’m trying to find some Vargheist wings and I’ve had my eye on the Banshees from the GW Mortis Engine (because they would look incredible swarming around him) but they’re rare and expensive. I’ve been toying with buying the Mortis Engine and making Terminus “fly” on a cloud of souls instead, but it doesn’t really mix with the armored hulk feel he has going right now. Anyway it’s another project I might never finish but I get a little work done on it every couple of months.


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  1. Well I found the wings at a price I was willing to pay so another couple of weeks so see them attached. It would be lovely if I could have it done in time for the ETC but we’ll see.

  2. I’m looking at converting up my Terminus as well.. and have so far considered the wings off of the Terrorgheist…. much bigger wings, and fit more with the previous ones the model had..

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