Black Ogrun Conversions: Part 2

A little update on the Black Ogrun. My test model turned out a lot better than expected and Scaverous’ shoulder armor turned out to be a lot easier to work with. The plates themselves require some more work since the details are fuzzy but I wanted to see how it would look before I did all the work.

The only thing added are shoulder plates and a beard but already it looks a lot better than the original. I also received the quivers but they’re larger than I thought so I might have to trim them down a bit or add some straps to allow them to hang lower on the back.

I’ll have to wait until the swords arrive to do any more work but I’m liking where this is going so far.


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  1. Are you sculpting Scaverous’ plates on them or did you purchase extra plates?

    Either way the extra armor does make them look more menacing.

    • Sculpting them as buying them was ridiculously expensive. I did go to the store first as a matter of principle, but putting down 30 bucks for shoulder plates isn’t in the cards. Many of the other shoulder plates there are 0.50 per plate and then I would have bought them.

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