ArosCon results

I knew there would be a lot of Cygnar players but holy crap they turned up in force (and the winning Cygnar player didn’t even bring eHaley). Kris managed another top three position with his Trollbloods (congratulations mate!) and on 11th a special applause to Søren Jacobsen who did very well in his first tournament. I’m beginning to think fate intervened to save me some embarrassing defeats at the hands of eHaley.

1. Søren Kongsgaard, Cygnar
2. Jan D’Souza, Cryx
3. Kris, Trollbloods
4. Søren Husum, Cygnar
5. Stephan Garmark, Cygnar
6. Glerup, Cygnar
7. Bastian, Circle
8. Mads O, Trollbloods
9. Peter Rodler, Cygnar
10. Lars Kriegler, Cygnar
11. Søren Jacobsen, Cryx
12. Daniel, Farrow
13. Poul, Khador
14. Martin Kvolbæk, Menoth
15. Gil, Khador
16. Lars Gade, Circle
17. Peter Kongsgaard, Retribution
18. Nicolai Ulf, Khador

There should be pictures on this Facebook site assuming the permissions work.






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