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Terminus Vs. Kraye (50 points)

The Cygnar advance continues as Kraye lines up one of the most interesting lists I’ve ever had the pleasure of facing. I did wonder about some of his choices but as he said “the list is meant to be entertaining, not necessarily powerful”.

The Storm Wall

The Storm Wall is up and I think we have a problem. I had a look at it and thought about going up against two of them run by pHaley and I’m honestly not sure what to do about it.

Terminus Vs. eHaley (50 points)

Learning the inns and outs of eHaley as an opponent is tedious work, but it has to be done so I challenged another eHaley player last night and brought my revised Terminus list.

Tweaking Terminus

A while back I brought Erebus a couple of times and I found that he was lacking threat range but with no better choice available I’ll give him another couple of tries and see if playing him more aggressively will change things.

War Room delayed again

PP: As anxious as we are to bring War Room to you, we just don’t want to pass on any opportunity to make improvements to the app. We believe that it’s more important to make War Room as good as it can be before it releases than it is to rush it out and patch it later. As a result, we are now anticipating a July 9 release date for War Room.

Terminus: Part 2

It annoys me that I get so little gaming done these days but at least I can soothe my addiction with some conversion work.

Terminus Vs. pHaley (50 points)

I think Cygnar might have gone on the offensive because all my games these days are against the blue bit… ladies… Tonight I got a game in against a third Cygnar player and I brought out Terminus since the ETC is not that far away now.

Ripple effects, part 2

External Synergy isn’t about making a more powerful list but about reducing the impact a bad match-up will have in a tournament setting.

Terminus: Part 1

A couple of people have expressed some interest in the Terminus/Deathjack conversion. I’ve done five attempts at making a working and legal Terminus conversion and come up short every time.

Terminus and the Kraken?

The Kraken won’t be released in time for the ETC but when it does arrive I’ll be testing it extensively with Terminus because there’s one obvious problem with the list: Terminus is the most dangerous and the most physically intimidating model on the board so he gets a lot of attention.