Getting the party started: Black Ogrun

I’ve just received all the boxes of Black Ogrun Boarding Party, I’ve ordered Doom Reaver Fell Blades to add some Cryxian feel (even though they’re Khador weapons), and I’ve ordered Warspears quivers to avoid using the really ugly harpoon guns.

This means I’ll have to Grey Stuff the armor plates and give them a complete makeover to avoid the “ape pirate” feel. If all goes according to plan the Black Ogrun will be spear chucking sword wielding maniacs on the table.


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  1. Curious:
    You’re adding armor which I like, but what are you going to do with the reaver blades? Are they weilding them like swords are are the reaver blades part of the harpoon.

    I do like the idea of using reaver blades on Cryx models though, very haunting and sinister.

    Keep us posted on your progress!

    • They’ll be wielding them and the quivers will stand in for Harpoons Cannons (those have got to go). I’m not sure how it will look when they’re done but it can’t be any worse than the standard models :D

  2. Love the ideas, exactly what I would like to do with these guys if I had either the slightest skill or interest in conversions!

    I may have to throw a friend some beer tokens to do something similar if they come out well.

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