WTC 2014 – last minute list musing (0)

The missus took a spur of the moment trip this weekend, and I had time to play some games.


Ghetorix WIP: Part 2 (Done) (7)


I fixed him up a bit and got down to painting. I’ve had the flue and a throat infection of some sort since Thursday but today it’s clearing up a bit. The upside was getting some work done on the Circle project in the periods between coughing up blood of shaking with the fever.

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Here’s where you ask your question (144)

Questions and Answers - Magnifying Glass on Words

As per popular request, here’s a place for you to ask questions. I can’t promise speedy answers, or even good ones, but I’ll do my best.


So you think you can’t paint? (5)


The model I’ve chosen for this was painted entirely in a single evening, and the actual time spent painting was considerable less than two hours. I cooked dinner, watched a movie, did the laundry, and still finished with time to spare.

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Naval Company v.2 (6)


I’ve been doing some tweaking on the Naval Company list. It’s beginning to look more like a regular list, but then again it’s also performing better now.


Spotlight: Bane Riders (16)

Bane Riders

I know you wanted this sooner, but you know I actually have to test things a bit first… but now I feel I’ve got them figured out, so settle in guys because this will be a long one, and let me present one of the most important releases Cryx has had in years.