The Overseer is closing down. (2)

Apr 26, 2018 • Quite Interesting

The Overseer is closing, or at least changing to something else entirely.

Battle Reports»

Lamoron fucks up the WTC Qualifiers (3)

A couple of months back I decided to go play the Danish WTC Qualifiers, because I rarely get to see those guys outside of the tournaments and I miss them.


Ghetorix WIP: Part 2 (Done) (7)

I fixed him up a bit and got down to painting. I’ve had the flue and a throat infection of some sort since Thursday but today it’s clearing up a bit. The upside was getting some work done on the Circle project in the periods between coughing up blood of shaking with the fever.


WTC Qualifier 2017 (2)

This weekend I’ll be going to the qualifiers for the Danish WTC teams. I’m super motivated to go see the guys, but as for the game itself the feelings are more lukewarm.

Game Theory»

Theme forces – an biased rant (2)

Having had a few days to process the theme forces I’m ready for my verdict, and it remains the same as it always is: Theme forces are bad for the game.


ArosCon: Fortune or Flounder! (2)

This will end in tears, of this I have no doubt, but I’m not sure if it ends up being mine or theirs!


So you think you can’t paint? (7)

The model I’ve chosen for this was painted entirely in a single evening, and the actual time spent painting was considerable less than two hours. I cooked dinner, watched a movie, did the laundry, and still finished with time to spare.


Spotlight: Soul Trappers (4)

Soul Trappers are some of the most interesting models I’ve seen released in all my years of serving the Dragon Father.